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How to Seal Your Makeup All Day Long - Save Money on your Cosmetics!

Ladies, its time to face it! Makeup should be the last thing on your mind, it should be easy, not hard. Not everyone has time to constantly retouch makeup, but it usually is persistently a problem. Most long wear makeup can’t survive an eight-hour day. But you do, so why shouldn’t your makeup?

Four simple words will revolutionize how you view your makeup: Model in a Bottle. I use it every day, and it works. This 18 dollar bottle saves me $50 a month in makeup costs. Any foundation will become long wear with Model in a Bottle, a unique spray that seals makeup into place while allowing skin to breathe.

Application is simple; after makeup has dried, spray Model in a Bottle three or four times, holding it about a foot from your face. Let it dry, and your makeup is sealed in for the long run. It’s easily removed when you wash your face, and it doesn’t clog up your pores.

And to ensure that your makeup is looking flawless and blended perfectly, try Model in a Bottle Brushes, which are made from fine goat hair. Two brushes are included, and the larger one is absolutely perfect for your favorite loose or pressed powder.

To be sure that you get every bit of eye makeup off, why use an oily eye makeup remover when you can use Model in a Bottle’s Eye Makeup Remover. It’s made from all natural ingredients including cucumber extract and aloe vera. It nourishes while cleaning, leaving no oily residue. Not to mention it’s even safe for people with contacts.

Sealing makeup is easy. Even if that foundation you purchased (that promised to be long lasting) isn’t so long lasting, with a few simple sprays you can make sure your makeup won’t smear, smudge or wear out before you’re ready for it to. With Model in a Bottle and their line of other fine products, you’ll look your best no matter what.

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