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How to Look Young Like the Celebrities do!

Ever wonder how the movie stars and celebrities do it? Oh, How to look young like the celebrities do!! Right? The infographic above shows some basic free tips, as well as some high end day spa products that celebrities are reported to use in their everyday skin care routines. Some of the reported product lines are Epicuren Discovery, Rhonda Allison, Image skincare, and Eminence organics.

Eat Organic, Good Vibes, Good Skin

Yes, living a clean lifestyle and eating organic and fresh products can help your skin. Most of us know this, and don't have the discipline to try it. Imagine, if your full time job was to have a good appearance, like a celebrity, and you got paid big bucks for it, you would use the best products, eat the best food, and have a personal trainer to help you with your body!

To summarize the celebrities and tips listed above:

  • Gwen Stephanie is reported to use Epicuren discovery
  • Halle Berry tip: Make sure to let your skin breathe and to pick a day where you do not wear makeup
  • Jennifer Aniston eats organic and clean to keep her skin young
  • J-Lo aka Jennifer Lopez stays out of the sun to fight aging
  • Elizabeth Hurley Tip: Drink a ton of water!

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