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How to Cover a Zit

You’ve got a blemish. Well, not just a blemish. It’s an awful, screaming, fiery red, swollen to the brink of eruption, freaking king (or queen) of all mother lovin’ zits. How do you hide it? No need to worry, I have you covered. (No pun intended...maybe it was intended)

Katty Perry's Porcelain Skin
  • Step One: Apply a liberal layer of moisturizer. Seems counterintuitive since you feel most likely feel oily at the moment..but trust me. Opt for oil-free to avoid even more irritation. Try Image SkinCare Clear Cell. It actually has acne fighting medication in it! Always use a clean cotton ball or swab or cosmetic sponge and not your finger when applying any product to the area around a pimple. Using your finger might introduce germs that could lead to infection.

  • Glo Minerals Oil Free Concealer

    Step Two: Cover your pimple by dabbing the concealer on and around the spot. Glo Minerals Camouflage ($23) is oil free so you don't have to worry about adding to your problem! Gently tap it into the skin in quick motions until the concealer blends with the rest of your skin. For pimples that are raised or that have come to a head, I recommend using a small, pointed concealer brush. Dip the point of the brush in your concealer, then gently "paint" the pimple in question. Be sure to get the point on not just the top of the pimple, but on the sides and at the base as well.

Kristen Stewart Looks Flawless
  • Glo Blemish Stick

    Step Three: Once the concealer is completely dry, use a powder brush to set it. Loose powder is preferable to pressed powder as you can just fluff some on top with a powder brush. You want to minimize the amount of contact you have with the pimple as contact will only irritate and, therefore, cause more redness. If you wear foundation, choose a high-quality product with a yellow base. The color yellow counterbalances the color red. If you are looking for a healthy option, Demalogica Treatment Foundation ($37) is great on coverage and on skin. Instead of starting with a huge amount of foundation, start out with a small dab and add more as you need it. Sweep on a light layer of powder, loose or pressed, to set the entire look. I recommend YoungBlood Loose Mineral Rice Setting Powder ($24). It gives a beautiful, silky finish.

There you have it! No need to hide under the covers all day. Arm yourself with a small concealer stick in your purse and get out there! I don't leave home without my Glo Minerals Blemish Stick ($18)! So tiny, so effective!

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I have another article that might help you even more titled: 9 Habits Giving You ACNE that might help!
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