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Health Mistakes To Quit Now

It is so important to understand how your lifestyle choices tie into your skincare and overall health! Today I want to discuss some common health mistakes many people engage in, and discuss how they can affect you both today and in the long-haul. Along with that, I have provided some of my favorite tips for combating these unhealthy faux pas to get you on your way to being your healthiest, most beautiful self! So, are you ready for it?

Common Health Mistakes

Eating When You're Bored - I try to keep my diet as healthy as possible, but like anyone else I have found myself snacking on not-so-healthy treats in times of boredom. Snacking on junk is not just bad for your waistline, but it is lacking in nutrients that will benefit your skin! My quick fix for this? You don't necessarily have to stop snacking! Simply snack on something healthy, and make sure to be mindful of portion control. I find almonds and avocado to be a fabulous snack! The best part? Not only is it good for my body, but these treats are packed with nutrients that work to benefit my skin.

Smoking - I am actually please with how much less often I see people smoking these days. Perhaps its the rough economy, perhaps people are more health conscious, or perhaps it is because I don't smoke myself. However, this is one habit that is best quit sooner rather than later! I am sure you've heard it all, from the dangers to the health, to the havok it wreaks on your skin and teeth. Adopting a healthier "addiction", such as exercise or a healthy hobby is a great way to supplement your cigarette addiction. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is fantastic for you both inside and out!

Drinking to Excess - I am fully supportive of the wine and beer connoisseurs in my life, but the fact remains that alcohol is not good for your body or your skin! Limit alcohol use to occasions and enjoy in moderation. You can still enjoy your favorite alcoholic beverages from time-to-time, but less is more when it comes to your health.

Neglecting Your Workout - As a business owner and mother, I know how hard it can be to make time for a good workout. However, exercise is empirical to your health as a whole. It will keep you feeling good about yourself, it releases endorphins that tend to make you feel happier, and it keeps you younger, longer. If the gym isn't your style, adopt running , surfing, rock climbing, outdoor yoga, anything! Get active for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. There are so many ways to make exercise fun.

Comparing Yourself to Others - I cannot stress this enough: do not, I repeat, do not spend time comparing yourself to others! Too often I see people scrutinizing the fact that they don't have "such-and-such celebrity's" hair/skin/nails/wardrobe, you name it! Embrace yourself for who you are and learn to love it. I believe that everyone is beautiful, and your only goal should be being the best self you can be! Stressing out about not living up to someone else's standard of beauty causes you undue stress, which is not good for your complexion or mental health.

Biting Your Nails - There are so many reasons why I encourage people to stop biting nails. For one, hands are a breeding ground for bacteria. And with nail biting, people typically do it automatically, without even realizing. Second, you are damaging your skin and cuticles, which is not good in the long run. If sheer will power is not enough, I highly recommend a bitter product to deter you from biting.

Being Unhappy - We all have bad days, after all, we're only human. However, if there is something in your life that is causing you to be persistently unhappy, it is time to rethink that factor in your life! Being unhappy is not just bad for you mentally, it can manifest on your skin; from stress acne, to premature wrinkles, to dark circles under the eye. If you are unable to change the thing that makes you unhappy, try your hardest to change your outlook on it! I once heard a quote "life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you respond to it." This is definitely a good quote to live by!

Not Getting Your 8 Hours - Again, as a business owner and mother, I can totally understand this. However, skimping on sleep can speed up the aging process and add undue stress to your life. If you find you wake up at a certain time, try to train yourself to go to bed at an earlier hour. I recommend getting your full 8 hours as often as possible!

Giving Up Too Soon - If you aren't seeing results just yet, be with with your diet, exercise routine, or skincare product, don't give up just yet! Certain things take longer than others to see results, which is why it is important to stick to it rather than give up. With any new skincare product, I advise allowing 4-8 weeks to see results. So long as a product is not causing negative effects, it is important to give it time to do it's job. Exercising can also take up to 8 weeks to show results, but people tend to feel better almost immediately! As far as dieting goes, I can only recommend you eat healthily. If you are engaging in a strict diet, be sure to consult a physician or nutritionist for optimal results.

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