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Harmful Beauty Products?

Are your beauty products harming you? Here are some common problems we should be aware of!

Nail Varnishes

A must have for women is gorgeous nails! Unfortunately, some nail polishes contain a very harmful ingredient, formaldehyde. In countries such as Japan, Canada and Europe, this cancer-causing ingredient has been proven to be unsafe for use and banned! Luckily, there are brands that make the promise to be formaldehyde-free, so be sure to check out the ingredients before buying.

Skin Complexion Creams

Hydroquinone, kolic acid, retinoic acid and mercury are just a few of harmful ingredients that can be found in any normal face cream. Beware that hydroquinone is reported to contain a strong bleaching effect. You already know how harmful mercury is, so be aware that it has been reported to be in some face creams. Here is one more scary thing to look out for, the combination of kolic and retinoic acid makes the skinsun intolerant, meaning.. bye bye sunny days! Try iSClinical’s White Lightening Serum, that helps lighten the safe way!

Hair Removal Products

Yes, yes, we all want smooth legs and perfect underarms! However, hair removing creams may not be the answer. Certain hair removal creams contain potassium thiogycolate and calcium hydroxide, which may cause nasty burns if used without carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions. I say, just grab your trusty old razor and soap and voila! Smooth legs and pits without the burns.


For someone with short eyelashes, long and model-like eyelashes are a dream come true. Latisse is the product that makes your long eye lashes fantasy come true. Watch out though! The maker of botox is also the maker of Latisse. It has been reported that ingredients of this product can trigger hair growth in any area the product touches. It could also cause eye redness and irritation. If you still want long lashes, think again! Stick to AminoGenesis’s Eyelash Growth Formula. This products helps to lengthen my lashes without all the side effects!

Teeth Whiteners

Yellow teeth are old news. There are hundreds of teeth whitening treatments available. But if you are considering UV teeth whitening, think of the possible side effects. You are actually exposing yourself to up to 4x the radiation of the sun. It could also trigger abnormal growths in and around the eye area and could form cataracts! My suggestion? Just save the money for a cheaper version and save yourself from those super harmful UV rays.


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