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Wear Green Eye Shadow for St. Patrick's Day!

It’s the perfect grown-up way to celebrate. Not sure how? Here’s how to apply and choose the perfect shade of green eye shadow for any eye color. Wear green eye shadow this St. Patrick’s Day!

green eye shadow kristen bellGREEN EYES

Your Perfect Green Eye Shadow Is ...

To make your eyes pop, you want to look for any shade of green eye shadow that contrasts with your eye color. If your eyes are light, go with dark olive; if they're darker, try a jade shade. La Bella Donna's Montagna is a beautiful shade ($20).


For daytime, bring green in as your eyeliner. Choose an eye pencil in olive or jade, and trace it along top lashes. (Don't worry about getting in perfect.) Using a flat brush, drag the color out and slightly up into a slight cat eye to awaken eyes and highlight your iris.


For nighttime, your green eye shadow will come in handy. Line the inner rims of top and bottom lashes with a brown pencil, and then smudge it along the top lash line for a smoky look. Apply a shimmery green cream shadow on lids. For extra sparkle, place a white highlighter below brows.

green eye shadow frieda pintoBrown Eyes

Your Perfect Green Eye Shadow Is…

Brown eyes look best in a blend of blue-green eye shadow. The blue tint will actually bring out rich, orangey tones. If your brown eyes have some hazel to them, pick a yellow-green like Glo Minerals Rain Forest ($18.50).


Using a flat shadow brush, blend a layer of emerald green eye shadow from your lash line to the crease. Add a highlighter from your crease to your brow and blend like crazy! Simple as that!


To sex it up, find a palette of medium and dark blue-greens. Apply the deepest green eye shadow to your crease. Glo Minerals Mermaid is a great choice ($18.50)! Here’s the trick- smudge the medium shade on outer corners only. Finish the look off with black liquid liner.

green eye shadow january jonesBlue Eyes

Your Perfect Green Eye Shadow Is…

Blue beauties look best in dark hunter-green eye shadow. The contrast actually brightens up dark blue eyes. If you have lighter blue eyes, choose a mossy green.


Apply a hunger or moss eye pencil to your lower and upper lash line. Finish the look off with brown mascara on top lashes for pop!


Blend a mossy or hunter green eye shadow all over your lid. Take a cool, minty green eye shadow and apply it to your brow bone. Voila!

Best of luck to you! Not that you’ll need it;) Happy St. Patrick’s Day! XOXO Alana

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