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Goodbye Gummy! Get Rid of a Gummy Smile with Botox and Save

Alana Mitchell, Licensed Esthetician, Day Spa Owner

A Non-Surgical Treatment for a Gummy Smile

I’m a fan of working with what you’ve got when it comes to the looks department. …I’m also a fan of helping a friend out whenever I find a beauty secret, trick, tip or fix! A gummy smile can be an unfortunate feature to work with. The perfect shade of lipstick can only take you so far. Since most treatments require invasive oral surgery (including scary veneers), I couldn’t wait to pass along the newest non-surgical treatment! That’s right- NO SURGERY! Doctors are now using our little friend Botox® to bring out those pearly whites!

By the way, this is the same method I have recommended to my clients. To make sure you know you are not reading advice from some random person, read a bit more about me and my experience, click here or on my picture. Also, you can read THOUSANDS of positive reviews from my customers by clicking my testimonials page, I can help you!

Will this work for me?

Smile in front of the mirror. If your upper lip rises too far above your teeth when you smile, it may be because you have a hyperactive muscle causing the problem.

How long will the treatment take?

Around 10 minutes

What will happen to me during the procedure?

No going under for this one ladies! The doctor will apply a topical anesthetic or ice to numb the area. A small amount of Botox® will be injected on each side of your lip to weaken the muscle’s ability to contract. Your smile will transform within 3-4 days as the upper lip is progressively weakened! If thin lips are partially to blame, you may want ask your doctor about an upper lip augmentation with an FDA approved filler such as Restylane or Juvederm.

Organic Lip Plumper - $26

How long will it last?

About 4 months!

$$ What’s the damage? $$

Botox® for gummy smile should cost between $200 and $300. Since I do not want Botox yet, I use the Eminence all organic cinnamon lip plumper for only $26, it tingles, but works great.

I read this recently, “Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.” If you find yourself hiding yours because of your gums, a little Botox® may be exactly what you’ve been looking for!

I have another article that might help you even more titled: 10 Makaeup trends for back to school, click here to read it. Hope this helps, click here to call or email me with questions!

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