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Gluten-free Skincare Products

"Gluten-free" is all the rage these days. From the grocery store aisle to my conditioner, I can't avoid it. But what about skincare products, do they need to be gluten-free? I'll give you the scoop and recommend some products to try.

What Does Gluten-Free Mean?

Gluten is wheat. Gluten-free products and food are made without wheat.

Should I Use Gluten Free Skincare Products?

There are only 2 reasons I know of that someone needs to avoid gluten; they have a GI condition called Celiac Sprue, or they have a blistering skin condition known as DH (Dermatitis Herpetiformis). Both conditions are set off by the oral consumption of gluten, not the topical application. According to the Mayo Clinic, those who need to be on a gluten-free diet DO NOT need to use gluten-free skin care products as gluten is not absorbed through the skin. Gluten is only absorbed through the GI tract. Keep in mind, products containing gluten should not be applied to the lips or mouth as they might be ingested. If you find you're allergic to wheat or grain products, avoid those grains b/c of your allergy, not gluten!

Gluten-Free Products

Lots of great skincare products are all ready made gluten-free! I recommend the following:

gluten-free epicuern acne treatmentEpicuren Acne Spot Treatment Gel is vegan, nut and sesame seed free! If you're looking for a powerful, natural option for fighting zits- look no further!

Epicuren Phyto Placenta Anti-Aging Serum uses natural ingredients to mimic the super power nutrients found in mammal placenta. (There is no actual animal product in this serum. Promise!)

gluten-free serumImage SkinCare Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum uses a natural blend of Bearberry, Kojic and Licorice to lighten spots. An extra dose of Vitamin C immediately reduces redness!

gluten-free repair cremeImage SkinCare Ageless Total Repair Creme is a time-release formula that uses Glycolic, Retinol, vitamins and nutrients to visibly firm and nourish skin while you sleep.

As always, read your labels and educate yourself on anything you apply to your skin. Send me any questions! If you want info on Organic Skincare Products, click here!

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