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Get Camera-Ready Skin: Celebs Share Their Top Picks for Skincare

We’ve all seen some of our favorite celebrities endorse makeup or skincare in ads.

A fill-in-the-blank famous person is announced as “the new face of” a brand, and then a campaign of glossy magazine spreads and quick cut commercials is launched.

It must be an effective formula. Studies show that attaching a famous face to a product results in a rise sales.



Why is this marketing method successful?

As Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst of NPD, a consumer research group explains that we unconsciously see over 3,156 images a day.

Our subconscious logs maybe 150 of those, and only about 30 catch the attention of our conscious mind.

If I have a celebrity as part of that message, I just accelerated the potential for my product to reach the conscious of the consumer,” says Cohen.

And, it seems that many famous ladies are loving the brands that are also our faves here at SkinCare by Alana! (I guess they’ve got great taste!)

Celebs Who Love Our Favorite Brands

iS Clinical

Beautiful Glee stars, Dianna Agron and Lea Michele both love iS Clinical formulas.

In a May 2016 issue of Life & Style Magazine, Dianna Agron shared that her makeup artist, Georgie Eisdell, turned her onto iS Clinical’s products and professed her love for their Body Complex moisturizer.

We love this amazing all-over moisturizer too for its amazing ability to hydrate, smooth and protect skin!


Life & Style

Eisdell also told People that she preps Agron’s skin with iS Clinical Hydra Cool Serum , which provides cooling hydration to skin, to create a fresh glow.

is serum

Glee costar, Lea Michele, currently starring in the hit series Scream Queens, told Allure Magazine in this year’s May issue that she simply can’t live without iS Clinical’s Cleansing Complex, recommended by her facialist.



And we know why! This 3-in-1 formula is a makeup remover, cleanser and toner all in one, making it a perfect time saver to wash off all that makeup at the end of the day!


In an interview with the New York Times, actress Patricia Clarkson revealed that a large portion of her beauty routine includes Dermalogica products.


Clarkson said she tried the tiny tubes of the Power Rich system at the recommendation of her makeup artist and fell in love with the whole Dermalogica line!


The Dermalogica Power Rich system truly lives up to its name by providing potent anti-aging ingredients to soften skin, increase elasticity, and gently exfoliate to diminish wrinkles and reveal youthful, glowing skin. It’s no wonder Clarkson loves it!

She also said she includes the brand’s Super Rich Repair and Multivitamin Thermafoliant in her skincare.

And, while she also uses the Redness Relief Primer with SPF 20, she says the secret to her amazing skin to staying out of the sun and donning a lot of hats to shield her face from sun damage. Smart lady!

Eminence Organics

Many of my favorite celebs are fans of the all-natural skincare of Eminence Organics which are made of organic ingredients to treat and beautify skin.

Both Jennifer Beals and Cameron Diaz are enamored with the brand’s Facial Recovery Oil

Jennifer Beals named the oil as one of the items she regularly totes in US Magazine’s “What’s in My Bag?” feature.

She even posted a picture of it on her Instagram account saying it’s her favorite way to save skin from drying cold and windy weather. Good move, those Santa Ana winds can be ruthless on skin!


Jennifer Beals/Instagram

Actress and author Cameron Diaz, who’s written two books about healthy living (The Body Book and The Longevity Book), counts the recovery oil amongst her beach bag items and after sun must-haves to replenish moisture and renew skin.


Eminence Organics Biodynamic Facial Recovery Oil deserves all the attention it receives. This serum strengthens and smooths from skin’s surface down into the deep layers. It also infuses skin with vitamins and calms inflammation for a restored, revitalized complexion.


Katherine Heigl/Instagram

In an interview with the Outf!t, Katherine Heigl of Grey’s Anatomy (and, let’s face it, 27 Dresses) fame said that she loves Eminence Organics products to combat the dry skin that comes with mountain living.

She uses Eminence’s facial serums and HydroPeptide formulas to moisturize and plump skin and keep it hydrated.

Alicia Keys has recently been owning the #nomakeup look and rocking her natural beauty all over the place. She even showed up to the red carpet of this year’s MTV VMAs makeup-free and looking amazing.


Alicia Keys/Instagram

Into the Gloss spoke with Keys’ makeup artist, Dotti, who says a lot of the singer’s natural beauty comes from a healthy lifestyle of exercise and good, balanced diet. Dotti says that if she does use makeup on Keys, it’s minimal and only for the purpose of highlighting her natural features and loves the Eminence Lip Trio and Rosehip Exfoliating Masque to prep and moisturize skin so it’s a perfect canvas.


For naturally full, soft, kissable lips, try Eminence Organics Three-Step Lip Treatment. The first step exfoliates lips to remove dead skin and leave them smooth. Next, a masque conditions lips with deep hydration and moisture. Finish it up with a lip balm containing peptides that stimulated collagen production for full, soft lips!

Remember Alanis Morissette? (Don’t act like you didn’t listen to her album on repeat in the 90’s.) At 42 years old, this woman doesn’t look like she’s aged since her angsty, Jagged Little Pill heyday.


Alanis Morissette/Instagram

The Grammy Award-winning songstress told US Weekly she never leaves home without Eminence’s Hydrating Mist in her bag and even posted a pic of it on her Instagram among some of her favorite facial products.


Alanis Morissette/Instagram

Image Skincare

In recent years, Image Skincare has been the official skincare of Miss USA, Miss TEEN USA, and Miss UNIVERSE! They’ve been giving some of the world’s most beautiful women gorgeous skin.

The brand hosts events to meet with contestants to talk about their skin concerns and give them a skincare regimen tailored to their specific needs. You have to admit, their skin looks pretty flawless up on that stage!



Contestants of Miss TEEN USA say that the Image Clear Cell line gives them the confidence they need to make a great first impression, and clears up oil and acne so they can look like they’ve got airbrushed skin.


Image Clear Cell is a skincare line formulated to target and treat acne. It includes powerful ingredients that fight blemishes and excess oil, eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and calm inflammation for clarified, healthy skin.


Do you ever look at the fresh faces of young actresses and wonder what kind of magic they’re performing to get such dewy skin? Apparently, it’s some stellar skincare including formulas from one of our faves, Epicuren.

preview-full-Elle Fanning

Marie Claire Magazine

Elle Fanning shared with Marie Claire Magazine that she loves Epicuren’s Tropical Lave and Bodywash because it leaves skin soft and the scent is transformative.


Ms. Fanning is not wrong. This Epicuren Tropical Lave & Body Wash (lave is French for wash) contains all kinds of natural extracts to cleanse and soften skin while protecting it from dryness and itchiness. In fact, this wash is so silky, you can even use it as a shave gel. Plus, the amazing scent makes you feel like you’re on that vacay you’ve been dreaming of.


InStyle Magazine

Megan Fox spilled to InStyle that she mixes her own potions by adding Bulgarian Rose Otto Oil to her skincare items. “I put rose oil in everything. It’s deeply hydrating and the scent is uplifting.”


Star Magazine

When Amanda Seyfried revealed her “powder room secrets” to UK’s Star Magazine, she included Epicuren’s Ultra Rose Treat Moisturizer.


We share Amanda’s love for this creamy, luxurious formula! Epicuren Ultra Rose Treat Moisturizer contains collagen, nourishing B vitamins and Bulgarian Rose Oil to improve skin’s elasticity and leave it mega-moisturized and refreshed!


People Magazine

Golden-skinned actress, Kate Hudson, revealed that one of her best beauty tips is to stay properly hydrated. She told People StyleWatch, “I drink a ton of water and use Epicuren’s Aloe Vera Gel - it heals dry areas and won’t irritate sensitive skin.” Couldn’t have said it better myself, Kate!

Final Thoughts

It’s super fun to see what products celebs use in their regular skincare routines. But, beautiful, healthy skin isn’t just for famous people with round-the-clock available stylists and makeup artists. It’s for all of us!

No matter what your favorite famous faces are putting on - well, their faces - you’ve got to do what’s best for your skin so it can be your best skin.

Have you ever tried a product because it was endorsed by a celebrity? (Don’t be shy, we’ve all done it.) Share your experience with us in the comments section!

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