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Four Steps to Perfectly Groomed Eyebrows

Doing your eyebrows is one simple way of enhancing your facial features. But, it is also one task that can be tricky to do and take weeks to grow back. Here are four tips on how to maintain those perfect arches.

Step 1

Have your tools ready! Use an eyebrow pencil to cover those patchy areas, tweezers, an eyebrow brush and grooming scissors.

Step 2

Map out your brows. Let your brows grow out for a month to find your natural brow shape and thickness. Then, hold the brush against the side of your nose with the tip resting on your forehead. Your brow should begin where the edge of the bristles land. Your arch should be where the brush meets your brows. Lastly, hold the brush diagonally. The brush should intersect when your brow is and where your brows should end. I cannot go without Youngblood’s Eyebrow brush.

Step 3

Trim your hairs. Brush your brow upwards using your brow brush. Try and trim the longer strands then brush the rest of the hair back to its normal position.

Step 4

Tweeze. Standing in front of a mirror, pluck one row of hair from the bottom of your brows by your nose to help create an arch by your temple. Always pluck the hair in the direction of your hair growth to avoid ingrown hairs. Do not pluck the hair above the eyebrow as it might alter your shape. Use a eyebrow pencil to fill in color in direction of hair growth. The Borlind Caring Color Eyebrow Crayon works great and is a best seller at my spa!

Trust me, the look of your eyebrows is important. These tips really helped me to perfect my eyebrows. Good luck!

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