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Five Wrinkle Myths Solved!

Consumers spend endless amounts of money in this billon-dollar anti-aging industry. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars if they knew the products they were using could reverse the signs of aging? But, before you start spending, lets use knowledge as power and find out the truth!

1. Myth: The most effective wrinkle creams are the most expensive.

Fact: Regardless of the price, some of the highest-rating wrinkle creams can be under $50.00! When buying a wrinkle cream, the most important thing to look at is the ingredients. Try Rhonda Allison’s Exotica Rhodiola Cream. It is only $25.00, all natural, and really works!

2. Myth: Drinking water will fight your wrinkles.

Fact: Water is essential to help our bodies stay hydrated both inside and out. Drinking approximately eight glasses of water each day can help improve out skin’s elasticity and provide an overall glow. So ladies and gentleman, drink up!

3. Myth: Eating fish will prevent the skin from aging.

Fact: Fish, which is rich in omega-3, is great for your overall health. However, there is no scientific proof that this fatty acid will actually help improve your fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Myth: Facial exercises help diminish wrinkles.

Fact: When we use our muscles, grooves can actually form from underneath the skin. The grooves then form into wrinkles because the elasticity of the skin loosens. The American Academy of Dermatology actually said that, “facial exercises actually make the problem worse.”

5. Myth: Dry skin leads to wrinkles.

Fact: Dry skin can accentuate your fine lines, but it won’t actually cause you to have more. However, dry skin can make your appear more tired and sullen. An easy remedy is a good moisturizer! I love to use Bioelements Beyond Hydration. This oil-free gel has a great texture and prevents moisture loss.

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