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Five Fun St. Patrick's Day Ideas!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Even though I forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day today, I luckily threw on some of my Youngblood Jewel eye shadow to save me from getting pinched. If you are looking for some festive but cheap ideas for this evening, I have found some fun things for you to do! Have a great time tonight with your lad!

1. Stop by the library and find a book on Irish ghost stories. Even though it may sound silly, I love to read scary stories with my husband. Learn about Irish culture today through their folklore. It makes today special and goes great with my irish chai tea!

2. Stop by your local bagel shop today or even dive bar tonight. There are always neat green drinks and great food specials! Green drinks only come around once a year, so enjoy it while you can!

3. Mmmm, Irish coffee. What sounds better than a delicious cup of Jo when you are tired? Well if you can veg out today; watch the St. Patrick’s Day specials on TV while drinking a festive cup of coffee!

st pattys day coffee

4. Have a potluck tonight! I was thinking of inviting some friends over for a delicious and festive feast! I love making Irish soda bread and of course you need corned beef and cabbage. My friend makes the BEST green potato cakes. Having a pot luck tonight will make this day special and you feel lucky!

irish potato st pattys food

5. Are you wearing green? If not, make green! Tonight have a romantic dinner with your loved one. Roll up your sleeves and make some Irish potatoes and leek soup! If you are not much of a soup fan, try some Shepard’s pie with a mashed potato topping (there is no such thing as a diet on a holiday).

I hope everyone has a great day with the luck of the Irish! Don’t forget to add your green eye shadow for some style! Go green!

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