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Finding Some Restorative Time For Your Skin

At the end of each summer as we transition into fall I notice something disconcerting: my skin seems a little more dull than usual. And I have had many Beauty Mates come to me with the same complaint! So it is important to know that you are definitely not alone on this. Thankfully for us, there are products out there that can help revive our skin. One of my favorites is Bioelement’s Restorative Clay.


Bioelements Restorative ClayThis mask does SO much for my skin. Which, unfortunately, isn’t true of many masks on today’s market. It helps to clear my pores, and gives them a smaller opinion. It also makes my skin look much more radiant and smooth while absorbing excess oils. My skin always goes from oily in the summer, to combination in the fall, to dry in the winter. So it is great to have a product that helps balance out my skin. It is also very calming! Which is why I love using it to soothe breakouts . I highly recommend this product for reviving summer-worn skin, or simply refreshing the beautiful skin you have now! There is no easier way to set aside some restorative time for your skin.

Bioelements Restorative Clay

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