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Facial Skin Care Products and Common Beauty Mistakes

facial skin care products Andie Macdowell is a babe in Groundhog Day!

Groundhog Day is coming! Time to break out the 1993 Bill Murray film and laugh your butt off! Preparing to watch him repeat the same day over and over made me think of the facial skin care products and beauty mistakes I hear women making. Read on to make sure you're not one of them!

Common Facial Skin Care Products Mistake: PICKING!

Picking blemishes makes them worse! I know it’s tempting, but you are actually breaking down the follicle wall allowing bacteria to spread.

Next Time: Use ice to reduce swelling. I like to apply tea tree oil straight to my zits. This all natural oil is an antibacterial and is gentle so it wont demolish the surrounding area.

Common Facial Skin Care Products Mistake: Applying Eye Cream First

I see this all the time in my customers- women apply eye cream before their all-over moisturizer. Eye creams are designed to be extra moisturizing. If you spread this over your entire face, you run the risk of causing oily skin.

Common Facial Skin Care Products Mistake: Using Conditioner All Over Your Hair

Most people apply their conditioner in the same way they do their shampoo. If you are starting at the roots and massaging it into your hair, you are most likely wasting product and weighing missing out on volume. Your roots tend to be healthy; it’s the ends that need the TLC.

Weightless Moisture!! Yes, Please.

Next Time: Apply product to the ends first. Allow that to sit before conditioning the roots as (or if) needed. If you still need weightless moisture- use Morrocan Agadir Miracle Oil($40). The part about it being a miracle is absolutely true!

Common Facial Skin Care Products Mistake: Starting Foundation Too Soon

I get it; you’re rushed in the morning. However, it’s important to allow your moisturizer to soak into the skin before applying foundation. This will help your skin stay in better shape and your makeup will look better because the foundation will work properly. Win! Win!

Next Time: A good rule of thumb is to wait 60 seconds for moisturizer to absorb before hitting the makeup. If you are in a crazy hurry, blot your face with a tissue first.

Beautiful, mistake-free skin!

Common Mistake: Applying Perfume after You Dress

Did you know your perfume can stain your clothes? This not only ruins an outfit, it can change the smell of your desired scent.

Next Time: Before dressing, lightly dab or spray your pulse points: knees, wrists, base of the throat, and behind the earlobes. Read my blog on How to Get the Most out of Your Perfume!

Next Time: Always apply your eye cream after your daily moisturizer. The same goes for your serums and any other spot treatments.

Common Mistake: Hitting the Sack with a Dirty Face

Never, ever, ever fall asleep with your makeup on! The leftover dirt, oil and products can wreak havoc on your face for a week.

Next Time: Wash your face TWICE at night. The first round removes surface makeup. The second round allows the pores to be deeply cleaned. Read How to Wash Your Face for more tips!

Common Mistake: Missing Sleep and Water

You can wear all the makeup and fancy creams you want; nothing shows up on your face more than sleep deprivation and dehydration!

Next Time: 8 and 8. Sleep 8 hours, drink 8 glasses. You will thank me for this.

Don't be doomed to repeat your mistakes! Break your bad habits and enjoy healthy, beatufiul skin! Happy Groundhog Day! Are you hoping for more winter or spring? Let me know!

Hope this helps, click here to call or email me with questions!

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