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Eva Longoria's Beauty Secrets

I don't know about you, but I am a huge fan of Eva Longoria. She is always smiling, happy, and beautiful. And she also happens to be aging fabulously! Which is why I wanted to do a celebrity spotlight on her today. So, how does miss Eva keep herself looking beautiful, and what are some of her hottest secrets to staying fresh and fly? I want to share that with you today!

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Eva's Must-Have Products & Tips

EVA LONGORIA | BEAUTY | SECRETS | ANTIAGING | ANTI AGING | FACIALS | SKINCARE | SKINCARE BY ALANA | SKIN CAREMakeup Essentials - When asked what she would have if stranded on a desert island, Longoria chose mascara! Ever since doing her commercial for L'Oreal Million Lashes she has been addicted, and adopted it into her every day life. I am also a huge advocate of Mascara, my favorite being BLINC's Kiss Me Mascara! Longoria is also a fan of tweezing her eyebrows, and wearing blush with a subtle shimmer.

Beauty Rituals - Eva also testifies that a beautiful base is absolutely essential to a beautiful finished look. And as an esthetician I can definitely attest to this! Taking care of your skin will really help you in creating a beautiful look, naturally or made-up. Longoria's secret? She loves going home to wash off all of the makeup and applies her moisture religiously. To her face, to her neck, to her feet, everywhere. And trust me, there is no mistake in this! You face isn't the only part of your body that ages, and taking care of yourself as a whole is essential to slowing down the aging process. You have no idea how many women "give away" their age with their hands, or neck, or decollete. Moisturizing all over is essential to all over beautiful skin!

EVA LONGORIA | BEAUTY | SECRETS | ANTIAGING | ANTI AGING | FACIALS | SKINCARE | SKINCARE BY ALANA | SKIN CAREHair Tips - As for her hair, Longoria likes to keep things sulfate-free. She enjoys dying her hair a deep dark brown, and as such gravitates towards products that will help nourish to keep the damage down. She also indulges in masques to rehydrate and repair. Longoria admits to leaving her hair in its natural state on most days, as she has naturally wavy hair. I am a huge fan of all things Agadir.

Facials - Have you always viewed facials as "just a treat to get from time-to-time"? Well, ladies, Eva admits to indulging in facials on a weekly basis. This is one of her secrets to keeping her skin so beautiful, stating that it is her "deep cleanse" each week. In this economy it isn't easy for all of us to enjoy a facial every week, but getting together a deep-cleansing and nourishing regimen you can do at home in between your spa days is a great way to achieve fresh, beautiful skin.

Embrace Natural Beauty - Yes, Eva Longoria certainly gets to enjoy getting dolled-up and glam almost every week. But the truth is this beauty enjoys being natural on her days off-camera. She applies her moisturizer, bronzer, and mascara and is ready to go! No blow-drying, no heavy foundation. Giving your skin days to breath is always a good idea! And of course a natural look is always in.



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