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Erase Ten Years: The Simple Way!

Makeup helps us hide our flaws and highlight our good features, but there are some ways to use make-up that will erase years off of our skin. Two examples are using creamier products instead of powders, or trading a darker color for a lighter one. Here I have compiled some of these tips. Take my advice, make some small changes and watch your face look younger. Skip the surgery and use these tips to erase years!

Light Foundation and Concealer: I often see women using too much foundation to cover up their skin problems or to hide their dark circles. We all know the saying that too much of anything is not a good thing, and it definitely applies here! More times than not, too much foundation can caused a caked-on look or actually pronounce wrinkles. On the contrary, too little foundation or concealer can make you look tired. Instead, try applying a moisturizer before putting on the foundation. The moisturizer makes it easier to wear and apply makeup. Use a damp sponge instead of fingers to apply a sheer layer of makeup to give a light coverage. Doing this causes the makeup not to blanket the skin, but shows off the natural. Next, dot the concealer on areas where it is required: under eyes, on pimples, and around the nose. Also, try a primer. I love primers because they provide a smoother finish for applying makeup. If you sometimes miss out on sleep like me, due to my wonderful son, try using a concealer for the dark circles, avoiding those with yellow bases.

  • Balance The Colors: Wearing bright colored makeup such as rosy blush, jewel toned eyes and red lipstick will sometimes make you look older. Color can be good, but only if well balanced. Do not use color on your entire face, but pick which features to emphasize. If you want to make your eyes look dramatic, then go neutral on the cheeks and lips. If you want dark lips, keep your eyes neutral. Wear pink neutrals and berries on the lips and not pale nudes.
  • Gloss on Lips: Gloss is sexy, but unfortunately if you combine a gloss with a liner or matte lipstick, it can also pronounce wrinkles. Simply use the gloss and those pouty lips will look fuller and more pronounced. My favorite thing to do is to apply a lip gloss then add lip stain on top. Using a clear lip-gloss will also help to apply an even color.
  • Matte Shadows: Shimmery and frosted eye shadows will creep into lines and wrinkles before covering them, so be aware! Try using matte eye shadows to blend into skin and they will help to hide the fine lines. Try a more flattering color like peach or champagne to brighten the area from the lashes to the brows. Bright colors are also a super hot trend this season and I love it! To give depth or a dramatic look for a night out, use a medium shade on the entire eyelid.
  • Brows and Eyes: As you age, the area around your lovely eyes will begin to look dull and tired too. Avoid using thick and dark eyeliners that can make the eyes look droopy. For a wide open look use subtle browns or brown-black liners. Also, powder liners work better than the liquid liners. Plus, it is easier to apply and get a fine line with powder liner than with a liquid liner. Here’s a little tip I do: with an angled brush, fill the powder liner in between the lashes and work along the lash line. The line should show when the eye is open. If your brows are sparse, fill in with a powder color. Make sure the color is similar to your brows and apply with an angled brush. Concentrate on filling the gaps and not reshaping the brows.


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