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Epicuren Skincare Products And Beauty New Year's Resolutions

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! We all know what is around the corner... NEW YEARS! Ladies, it is time to start thinking about our Resolutions. Have you ever thought of making a beauty one? Instead of putting yourself last in 2012- make some time to love YOU! Here are some ideas to choose from:

Sandra Bullock- stunning every year!


Stop overusing my flat iron, curling iron, and blow dryer and love my natural hair texture.

Drink lots of water for a healthy body and skin.

Find my signature scent.

Epicuren Skincare Products Sunless Tanner! Color Without Damage!

Use sunless tanners from now on. Not the crappy, smelly, orange kind. The good kind from Epicuren Skincare Products. Looking for one? Jan Marini Bioglycolic Sunless Self Tanner ($28) is unique in that it works with your skin's proteins to activate color change. Having trouble letting go of tanning beds? Read The TRUTH here!

Stop picking my pimpleseasier said then done…That’s why it’s a resolution!

Stop saving my “favorite outfits for who knows when and actually wear them!

Epicuren Skincare Products Hydrating Weekly Mask

Use a mask once a week. You'll love Dermaquest Hydrating Gel Mask ($62) It firms, hydrates and plumps skin, making it totally worth your time!

Sit up straight at my desk and while driving. It's great for your spine and will make you look 5lbs thinner instantly!

Change my hair color or style drastically. Just for fun with Epicuren Skincare Products ;)

Always wash off my makeup before bed. No excuses! Find out How to Wash the Right Way here. Might as well get it right while you're at it!

Epicuren Skincare Products Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner

Deep condition my hair once a week. Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner ($50) uses nature's favorite bean to restore and nourish hair along with other Epicuren Skincare Products!

Learn to apply my daytime makeup routine in 10 minutes or less.

Stop smoking! It ages me, inside and out. (Among a million other negative things)

Organize my makeup drawer. I promise to throw out all of my expired makeup.

Experiment with makeup styles with different Epicuren Skincare Products (in the privacy of my bathroom) that I never thought I could pull off.

Stop over plucking my eyebrows.

Easy to use brush cleaner!

Clean my makeup brushes every week. EVERY WEEK. Glo Minerals Brush Cleaner ($12.50) fights off bacteria with ease. Just spritz your brushes and wipe clean. Done and done.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase to protect my hair and help with wrinkles.

Stop biting on my nails.

New Mommy Mariah will need to find time to care for herself!

Compliment another woman every day.

Sleep 6-8 hours a night.

Improve my diet! More dark, leafy greens and fruit. Less sugar and white flour.

Donate my time and/or money to a charity I am passionate about.


Spray and Go Sunscreen!

Wear SPF every single day. This year I won’t neglect my ears, neck and hands. I constantly recommend Epicuren's sunscreen because it is awesome. Their Silk Mist Sunscreen SPF 15 ($46) is the perfect product to help you succeed in your resolution. Just spray and go!

Tell myself that I am beautiful every day.

Find the perfect red lipstick. And actually wear it out in public! Need help with how to get it right? Read How to Apply and Pull off a Red Lip here!

Exfoliate my face and body at least once a week. We all know it’s hard to stick to this one, but the benefits make it worth it! Read How to Exfoliate and tips on what to buy here.

What are some of yours?? I'd love to hear your ideas! As always, let me know how I can help make all of your beauty goals come true, click here to call or email me with questions! I wish you all the best in 2012!


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