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A Brief Q & A With Vivant Skin Care

In 2013 I discovered many different things - from life lessons to the latest must-haves. Something I am thrilled to have discovered is a skincare line called Vivant, which I now proudly offer in my store. This brand seriously sells itself - everyone I have gifted Vivant products to has become hooked. And now I want to share the wealth with you! Here is a Q & A I did with Vivant. Hopefully it will help you get to know them better, and answer any questions you might have as well!

Q & A With Vivant Skin Care


Q: What sets mandelic acid products apart from other anti-acne products?

A: Many demographic projections are now showing that by the year 2050, Latinos, African-Americans, American Indians and Asians will account for more than half of the U.S. population. This increasing diversity in skin color demands a better understanding of racial and ethnic skin variations and how to best treat their varying conditions. Vivant Skin Care’s Mandelic Acid line of products was conceived and developed to specifically address the needs of ethnic skin.

Q: What makes Vivant such a great go-to product line?

A: A family-owned company featuring the Vivant Skin Care, Private Label by Vivant, Miami Bleach by Vivant and Maxilip brands, the company has amassed 40+ years’ experience in the research and formulation of high-quality, corrective and preventative skin care products. Dr. James SKINCARE BY ALANA | VIVANT SKIN CARE | MANDELIC ACID 3-IN-1 WASH | ACNE | ANTI-ACNE | CLEAR SKIN | BEAUTIFUL SKIN | ADULT ACNEE. Fulton, Jr. and wife/company President Sara Fulton co-founded Vivant Skin Care in 1990, a clinical skin care line rooted in Dr. Fulton’s patented vitamin A therapies. The Vivant research and development team, led for decades by the late author and noted speaker Dr. Fulton, created a powerful and cost-effective line of skin care products.

Q: Are certain acne products better for certain acne problems? There are so many different kinds of breakouts.

A: Our Mandelic line is preferred to the BP line for acne in most adult woman. BP is not necessary if the acne bacteria is not present. Use a black light to check for bacteria – shine it on the skin and if an orange fluorescence is present, that is the tell-tale sign of the acne bacteria being present. If no orange fluorescence is present, then do not use the BP products.

Q: What is your mission statement?

A: Vivant Skin Care, so you can stop worrying about your skin and START LIVING YOUR LIFE!™

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