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Beauty Habits Keeping You From Your Best Skin

We've all been there, no matter how diligent we are about our skincare, our skin simply doesn't want to cooperate. Well, I am here to let you in on a secret: there is always room for improvement, and I want to let you in on the common areas that people tend to oversee. So, are you ready to achieve your very best skin? Read on to find out more!

Beautiful Skin Tips

Know Your Skin Type - I am always talking about skin types, and if you are not sure what yours is, hop on the phone or type out an email to my estheticians and me! Knowing your skin type is essential for picking out the right products for your skin. If you lean towards oily but use products formulated for dry skin, you will more likely than not miss out on your desired results. The same goes for dry skin types who reach for oily. Also, get a feel for your skin during different times of the year. For instance: I lean more towards oily in the summer, but my skin gets very dry in the winter. If you notice a shift in your skin during the seasons, have separate regimens for those specific seasons.

Use SPF, All Year Round - Perhaps its because supermarkets and department stores only spotlight sunscreens during the summer, or perhaps it's the constant sunshine, but only wearing sunscreen during the summertime is a HUGE no-no. The gloomier weather of fall and winter do not mean calmer UV rays. In fact, the clouds often amplify the damaging effects of the sun, making it even more important to keep up on your SPF game. With options like oil-free, and even powder sunscreens, you have no excuse for ditching your sun protection.

Choose a Compatible Scrub for Your Skin - I am a firm believer in exfoliating your skin, but product selection is essential for getting beautiful results. There is no such thing as a "one-size-fits-all" product, so be sure to consult with me or one of my medical estheticians to find the perfect product for you!

Your Skin Is More Sensitive Than You Think - Okay, maybe it isn't "sensitive", but perhaps certain ingredients are causing reactions that you weren't aware of. A common culprit of irritation and acne are artificial fragrances. Avoiding products with "parfum" or "perfume" listed in the ingredients may turn up surprising results. There are just as many amazing naturally scented products out there, don't be afraid to try them out!

You Aren't Cleansing Well Enough - This is especially important at the end of the day, when your goal is to wash off all of the dirt, oil, and makeup that accumulated on your face throughout the day. I recommend cleansing twice every night to ensure a deep cleanse. I use my Clarisonic to make sure my skin is completely clean, and it really helps with keeping my skin clear and allowing my products to absorb more deeply.

You're Loosing Your Patience - Trust me, as someone who spends a lot of time trying the latest and greatest in skin care, I know how antsy one can get about wanting to see results! I always say you should give a product line 4-6 weeks before judging the results. Of course, if it does not agree with your skin you will likely know rather quickly, but it often takes longer than just a few days to see any noticeable results.


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