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Be Your Man's Sexy Valentine

Alright ladies, it's time to pull out all the stops for you man. I'm a firm believer that ALL women are sexy. Every age, size and shape has beauty that should be enjoyed and shown off. Don't forget a thing with my beauty tips for becoming the head-to-toe hot Valentine he's hoping for!

dermalogica hydrate repair kit excellent valentines skincare kit1. Love Your Skin

You still have some time to take care of your skin before the big night. If you aren't already in a routine, start now! Clean your face day and night. Include an exfoliation to your regimen to remove dull, dead skin and revealing a younger, healthier face. February 13th, do a final exfoliation so you will wake up radiant and smooth. Looking for extra hydration or repair? Our Dermalogica Kits are on sale for Valentine's Day right now! Don't neglect your body! Exfoliate your knees, elbows and heels and follow up with a rich body lotion like Epicuren's After Bath.

2. Waxing

Hair removal is a must. Esthetician book up this time a year so call now! If you are near Dana Point, CA we can help you get ready! Click here for our Day Spa. Make your appointment a couple days before so any irritation you may experience has plenty of time to clear up. There is nothing like a freshly waxed face! Your eyebrows especially frame your entire face.

3. Teeth Whitening

There are zillions of at-home options for teeth whitening. Crest Strips work in a flash and help your smile shine!

4. Tan in February?

Heck Ya! Use a sunless tanner to get that summer glow during the dead of winter. I love Tan Towel ($4.25). They really work! I recommend doing this a day or two before your big night because I noticed the product got darker as the day went on. You'll want to do a trial run so you can control the intensity.

5. Locks of Love

Men love hair. It's the feminine touch they can't get enough of. The dry, cold winter months can do a number on you locks. I recommend doing a deep conditioning treatment a couple days before. If you do it the night before you run the risk of weighing your hair down. Try out your hair style ahead of time. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with wearing it down with a bit of curl.

6. Makeup for Men

Doing your makeup for men is different than doing it for a girl's night out. Men typically don't like makeup when it's overdone or too bold. They want to see the natural you in a way that invites in. It should be simple and elegant. Resist the urge to apply too much! Choose between playing up your lips or eyes. If you go for the lips, I love La Bella Donna BaciBaciMoisturizing Lip Sheers ($26.50) because they come in gorgeous colors and leave lips soft enough to kiss:) I'm excited to announce one very special color, Incredibly Beautiful because I was able to help design it! I chose a flattering pinkish purple shade that looks great on any skin tone!

8. Perfume

Don't forget your perfume! Make your favorite scent last all night by layering with body wash and lotion in the same scent. Spray your perfume in your pulse points; wrists, behind the knees and along the jaw line.

9. Dress Your Best

Know what you want to wear? Me, either. I know I want to find something that makes me feel sexy without being too uncomfortable:) Find an outift that makes you feel confident. Nothing looks more beautiful than a woman who knows she looks good.

10. Clutch

Don't leave your house without a few important items: floss, lip gloss, Advil and concealer.

You may have noticed a theme- sight, touch, scent and taste. I gave you what you need for the first three...taste is on you to make happen;) Happy Valentine's Day

From so many requests, I have developed a special page on my shopping cart site skincarebyalana.com with a special page set aside for Valentine's Gifts, click here to see it.
Hope this helps, click here to call or email me with questions!

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