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Are You PMSing? Well, Not Anymore!

Premenstrual Symptoms are exhausting, painful and can make three to seven days a month absolutely miserable. Symptoms for PMS can begin up to 5 days before your menstrual periods and may include depression, backache, cramps and bloating. Also, emotions are extremely heightened at this time. Thankfully, there are some possible cures for these PMS driven symptoms. Next time you see a one of these symptoms, try some of these cures to make it a much smoother and easier time.

1. Symptom: Depression

Cure: To get over your depression and get a better sense of well being, exercise regularly. Not only does this keep you fit, but it also releases good chemicals into the brain and fights off the bad ones. Also, avoid consumption of alcohol at least a week before your periods.

2. Symptom: Bloating

Cure: Intake of salt helps retain water in your body which may cause swelling and bloating. Reduce the consumption of salty foods before the start of your period.

3. Symptom: Stress

Cure: Relax! A very effective and simple way to relax the body and mind is by doing yoga. Certain poses and deep breathing techniques may help you relax and calm down the nerves. A nice scented candle has also been proven to reduce stress.

4. Symptom: Cramps

Cure: Exercising regularly is the best way to keep the cramps away. It may be hard to convince yourself to try this while in pain, but it will subside. You will feel better internally and externally during your periods.


5. Symptom: Soreness in breasts

Cure: Treat the soreness by using a heat pad/hot bath or an ice pack. Be careful not to burn yourself as it is a tender and sensitive area. Try wearing a bra that gives you better support and feel. Also, try to reduce your caffeine intake.

6. Symptom: Backache

Cure: Heat pads can aid in easing of the tension in the muscles. A warm bath can help to relieve you of the backache too. Also, don’t forget to stretch!

7. Symptom: Cravings

Cure: Have certain food cravings? That might be a sign of a deficiency. Make sure to take your supplements and vitamins. A nutritionist is helpful for anyone, especially at these times.

8. Symptom: General Ill Feeling

Cure: Drive away the ill feeling by eating the right food and exercising. It is amazing how much a healthy body will do to make you feel better. Ensure you are taking enough calcium and vitamin D. By consuming these and maintaining a healthy diet, you will reduce your PMS symptoms.

A good way to keep track of your symptoms is by maintaining a diary. Jot down your emotional and physical feelings as you are near your periods. Distinguish it from any other allergies or sicknesses. If the symptoms are severe, take a medication such as Midol. The expensive methods may not necessarily work for you, so try these things first! Recognize symptoms and treat them accordingly; next time you have your period, it will be much easier.

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