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Angelina Jolie Undergoes A Double Masectomy: Good Health Is Beautiful

As a female, mother, wife, and daughter I am very informed about breast cancer prevention and risk. This week Angelina Jolie made waves when she revealed that she had opted to undergo a double masectomy as a preventative measure, and of course as a mother I could really relate. The thought of breast cancer in itself is very scary. But there are individuals out there like Angelina who are genetically predisposed with the BRCA and have up to an 87% risk of breast cancer and up to a 54% risk of ovarian cancer. These issues are real, ladies, which is why I want to talk about it this week.

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Angelina Jolie: Showing That Good Health IS Beautiful

We live in a world where so much pressure is put on looks. And of course being one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, it came as a shock to many that Jolie would remove both of her breasts. But Angelina Jolie | Double Masectomoy | Skincare by Alana | Breast Cancer | Ovarian Cancer | BRCA | Oncology | Oncologist Approved Skincare | Rhonda Allison | Prevention | Awareness | BRCAthankfully we live in an era where what has lost is not lost for good - and reconstruction is possible. Angelina kicked off her surgeries in early February where she underwent a procedure that would allow her to keep her nipples. Many mastectomies require all of the tissue to be removed - but with special preemptive care it is possible to save them. The second of her surgeries took place only two weeks later when she had her breasts removed. Dr. Funk says that Brad was there along the way to support his lovely fiance.

Angelina underwent a third surgery to reconstruct her breasts, and while I have not yet seen any photos, I am sure that they look fabulous. Through talking with other women and reading their stories I have come to realize that nowadays getting beautiful breasts is absolutely possible following a Masectomy.

Why This Relates To Me & What I Do

Angelina Jolie | Double Masectomoy | Skincare by Alana | Breast Cancer | Ovarian Cancer | BRCA | Oncology | Oncologist Approved Skincare | Rhonda Allison | Prevention | Awareness | BRCAAs I mentioned before, I am a mother, wife, daughter, and friend. And of course nobody wants to be burdened with any form of cancer, but as a parent you fear even more so. I want my readers to find comfort in Jolie's decision. And know that prevention is possible, and feeling beautiful is possible.

One controversy that has arisen from Angelina's statement is that people are missing the fact that she is very high-risk. Women who do not carry the BRCA genes should still always pay attention to their bodies. But knowing your family history and a simple blood test can seriously save your life. Which is why it is important to be informed.

Also, there are many women who do not get a chance to take preventative measures. And if you are on chemotherapy, finding skincare products that are on the "safe list" can be a very difficult thing to do. Those who have not lived it, often do not understand that you are much more limited due to the medicines you are being given to fight off cancer. I want you to know that there are options out there for you as well. Click Here to read about some of my favorite Oncologist approved products for chemo patients, and why people undergoing chemo need to use special products.

Ladies, take care of yourselves! Pay attention to your body. And remember that being healthy is beautiful. Even if it takes a few steps to get to where you want to be!


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