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All About Oils: Tea Tree Oil Spotlight

Since so many people start to see an emergence of acne during the warmer summer months, I thought it would be appropriate to discuss Tea Tree, which is notorious for it's anti-acne properties. Indeed, tea tree oil has long been utilized and loved in the skin care industry; but how many of you know more about this oil than its simple pimple-fighting abilities? Today, I want to share what I know, with you!

The Many Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

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Say Goodbye to Acne - There are two very specific reasons why tea tree oil works so wonderfully when it comes to obliterating and preventing pimples. First, this (very fragrant) oil has anti-bacterial properties, meaning it will help to disinfect your skin. This is great for getting rid of existing acne, and preventing the possibility of future breakouts. Secondly, this oil comes equipped with soothing properties. While this oil has proven its soothing capabilities, it can cause irritation amongst more sensitive skin types, so be sure to discuss your prospective tea tree oil product of choice with your medical esthetician or dermatologist.

Prevent Skin Infections - Because of it's anti-bacterial properties, tea tree oil makes a great defense against skin infections. You can use this oil on scratches, insect bites, rashes, irritated blemishes, and more, if you know your skin reacts well to it. I have used DermaE's Tea Tree and E Oil on scratches and rashes by diluting the product in organic coconut oil, which also has anti-bacterial properties! Please note that this product does have a very strong tea tree oil smell.

Fight Itchy Dandruff - There are a number of natural shampoos and conditioners on the market that offer tea tree oil as an ingredient, and if you deal with an itchy, dry scalp, or dandruff, you may want to take them into consideration! Tea tree oil has certain moisturizing properties that can help combat dry, itchy skin, and it's antibacterial properties make it a great aid in fighting dandruff.

As a Cleaning Solution - I have not personally tried this (yet), but I have heard wonderful things about using tea tree oil as a household cleaning agent. Recipes for cleaning sprays will vary, but the simplest one I have been able to find involved using 1 tsp of pure tea tree oil in a spray bottle, and filling the rest with water. Be sure to shake the solution before using to disrupt any separation that may occur.

Some Friendly Tips - First and foremost, I do not recommend using tea tree oil (or any neat essential oil) directly on your skin. I have preferred using products from trusted brands that come with tea tree oil as a featured ingredient (such as Glymed Plus Serious Action Skin Gel with Tea Tree Oil and the DermaE product listed above). Second, always do a patch test before diving in and using any new product, including tea tree oil products.

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