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Alana's Complete Summer Look

This summer, let’s focus on using products that are better for our skin. Also, why not keep up with the latest trends to look more stylish? With the complete summer look, you will feel and look good! Here are some ways I will pair up my outfits this summer while utilizing a fabulous summer skin care regimen!

Complement Your Sundress With A Belt

Choosing a belt for your sundress will complete your look without overdoing it. When wearing a plain sundress, look for printed belts. If you prefer printed sundresses try a plain belt or even mix prints! This looks great and is completely figure flattering. To complete your look, spray on some Mica Gem Humana Woman Fragrance! This perfume smells of California Lemon, Italian Bergamont and vintage calming scents of green tea and cool herbs. It is a must for this summer to ensure you smell fresh!

Throw Some BIG Shades On

Big sunglasses are a definite must have! Wearing large sunglasses creates a fun, summer look while transforming basic outfits into a more stylish look. Be selective; choose the “just right” pair for you. Keep up with the celeb style by purchasing an amazing designer pair or switch it up and purchase a variety of less expensive shades to complement every outfit. Show off those shades!

Short Shorts Are Back

Be bold! Rock short shorts ALL summer long! The trend for shorts this summer consists of colors, and by colors, I mean bright colors! The good thing about this trend is you won’t have to pay a fortune, check out Forever 21 for some amazing deals.

Show It Off

Beat the summer heat by wearing a light, airy, sheer top matched with a colorful bra or the traditional “black or red” bra underneath--- sexy and classy! This look can be dressed up for a night out or relaxed with jeans or shorts!

Purchase A White Bag

White bags create a clean, crisp summer look that goes with almost any outfit. Finding the perfect white bag this summer is a must! They are great to dress a look up or down depending on the occasion. Big or small, it doesn’t matter, just make sure it is white, white, white! I prefer to rock a big bag for all my skin care and makeup musts (not to mention Malachi’s bottle, snacks, etc.) In my purse, I always carry around Coola Liplux SPF 15 Peppermint Vanilla sticks! They smell great and are my all time favorite lip moisturizer.

Grab A Hat

Keep your skin looking young and fresh by wearing one of this summer’s adorable hats! From straw hats, floppy hats to Fedoras and more! Don’t forget your Epicuren Zinc Oxide Sunscreen to shield the sun! This SPF20 sunscreen is antioxidant rich and non-harmful to your skin, you will never want to use another sunscreen again! Remember to reapply your sunscreen every hour!

Animal Prints

Take a risk and wear an animal print! Slouchy, almost pajama style pants are a hot summer trend for 2011. When picking out the perfect pair, keep in mind you’ll have to have wedges or heels to complete your look. Just make sure to keep them in small doses, we all know how this look can go horribly wrong!

Beat The Heat

Knot your shirt to achieve the ultimate easy-going summer look. This look can be complemented with a maxi skirt, wide belts and wedges. Show off some skin this way without looking trashy. For the “classic” summer look find a high-waisted skirt to pair with the perfectly knotted shirt!

Sunless Tanning

Skip the tanning beds! Glo Minerals Body Bronzer gives the most natural looking tan ever! Why risk your health sun bathing? Use this body bronzer and wait for people to ask about your amazing glow!


Anti-aging products are essential to use no matter what time of the year it is. My favorite summer anti-aging product is, Image Skincare’s Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum. This serum will hydrate your skin against the summer heat while fighting off your fine lines and wrinkles!

Read more about my hot top summer products of 2011, to see the best products I am using to make this summer the best it can be!

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