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How To Achieve A Properly Plumped Up Pout

Plump lips have been a beauty craze for years now and if you are like me, you aren't in any hurry to drop $400+ at a plastic surgeons office to get them. Lip plumping products that actually work are a dime-a-dozen which is why I want to share some of my favorites with you, as well as give you some tips to fluff up your pout naturally! Are you ready for it?

Plumped Up Pout

If you want a product that will really help to plump up your pout, I recommend Image Skincare's Ormedic Balancing Lip Enhancement. This is one of the few products I have found that actually help to make my lips look fuller! Unlike many other plumpers on the market, this product is not an irritant. In fact, it is simply ultra-hydrating and anti-aging to fill in the lip contours and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This product is highly recommended for those who have dermal fillers and would like to enhance and extend the effects of their filler, or those who don't have fillers and would like to get a plumped-up appearance without any doctor visits.

Another product that really stands out to me is Vivant Skincare's MaxiLip Lip Plumper. This product contains benzyl nicotinate, which increases blood flow and peptides to stimulate collagen and improve lip contour. You can expect to experience a semi-permanent lip plumping effect. Also, this product does tingle, just so you are aware! The tingling is not an allergic reaction and will go away over time.

It is important to note that our lips naturally deflate over time - its just a part of the aging process. As we age we produce less collagen, but of course there are some things we can do to prevent and reverse this collagen loss. The first is to pick products that have SPF! I know it may seem odd, but the sun actually causes the collagen in our lips to break down. Try finding a trusted lip balm with SPF to help protect your precious pout. My favorite is Epicuren's Anti-Aging Lip Balm SPF 15. This product isn't marketed as a lip plumper, but healthy and moisturized lips do appear fuller, and this will help you slow down the aging process in your lips.

Exfoliate your lips! If you aren't in a rush to go out and purchase a lip exfoliant than try using brown sugar with some coconut oil and gently massage this mixture on your lips. I personally like to have my Glo Minerals Exfoliating Lip Wand on-hand for exfoliating on-the-go.

Drink lots of water! Seriously, this is one of the simplest ways to keep your pout looking fresh. Dehydration doesn't just come in the form of lightheadedness, your skin will reflect it as well.

FAKE IT - using lip liners is a great way to fake a plump pout. I absolutely love La Bella Donna's lip liners as well as Youngblood's for long-lasting, non-feathering pigment. Use this with your plumper for best results.

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