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A Perfect Day With Dad

Growing up, I was totally a daddy’s girl. I loved to play sports with him, watch his movies, and tag along with him whenever I could. Father’s Day is so wonderful to me because it is an excuse to love my dad in a very special way. I don’t know if it is just me, but I slave over what to buy my dad on fathers day. He makes it a challenge because it seems like he buys himself everything he needs throughout the year. However, instead of spending countless hours shopping for him, I have found to appreciate him best by spending time with him. I encourage everyone to spend Father’s day reminding our fathers the love we share for them. The number one thing any parent can appreciate is a great card and quality time. If you want to be a little different this year, I would suggest taking a look at the “For Men” category on my website. I have listed the most popular skin care products that men use and love. These gifts will make your dad want to use more than just a bar of soap in the morning and looking their best.

For this Fathers Day, I look forward to taking my dad on our annual hike then making him his absolute favorite lunch. Of course, I planned out an array of good skin care products I think he will love. I tend to pick ones that he thinks are manlier, such as a good shaving gel or a manly smelling scrub. Of course just like with my mother, ever since I was younger, I always make my dad a handmade card. To my surprise, a few years ago he showed me that he has everyone I have ever made.

Now that I am a mother, and my husband is a father, I also like to spend time with my wonderful husband, Jared. I am so blessed to have a beautiful family and an amazing son, Malachi. According to my husband, the best way I can “pamper” him on Father’s Day is by going to the beach. He loves the waves and just wants me to watch him surf. (I can’t complain with that one!) Don’t get me wrong here, of course he wouldn’t mind an amazing homemade dinner, but most of all, he just wants our family to be together. Let’s be reminded this Father’s Day that we are all lucky to have a dad. Try and focus on the positive on this day by finding comfort in the little things. Don’t stress about what to get your dad. If he lives far away, try using Skype or video chat to talk to him, or simply just send him a card and a small gift or two. Of course, I suggest taking a look at my other blog about the top skin care products your dad would like this year. I hope you all enjoy your Father’s Day and that you can reflect upon all the memories that you have with your dad! Mostly, I just want to say thank you to all of the amazing fathers out there!


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