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A Good Summer Skincare Routine for Moisturization

Summertime can wreak havoc on your skin; at the beach, the saltwater dries it out, not to mention the damaging and dehydrating effects of the sun, wind and heat. How can you prevent severe dryness from happening, even when Mother Nature doesn’t want you to have moisturized, healthy skin? Simple. It all starts with a skincare routine that meets your specific skincare needs.

Everyone knows that the sun’s UV rays can be harmful and cause skin cancers such as deadly melanoma. Although it’s been proven beneficial to receive sunlight in doses, it’s still necessary to wear sunscreen in order to not get too much sun. Epicuren X-Treme Cream SPF 45 is the cutting edge of protection against the elements. It’s more than a sunscreen, it also protects against wind and bacteria (it’s antimicrobial and supports skin immunity.) It contains aloe to soothe skin that has already been exposed to sun, it’s waterproof and sweat proof, and a high SPF to ensure that you’re protected.

Epicuren Colostrum Cream Serum Moisturizer is made with colostrum, which is a substance a woman secretes for her newborn baby that is jam packed with essential nutrients. It also contains a wide array of natural ingredients, including avocado, macadamia nut, seaweed extract, orange oil and aloe. Epicuren Colostrum Cream Serum Moisturizer increases cell regeneration, so you’ll only see the freshest, most radiant skin.

Epicuren Orange Blossom After Bath Moisturizer is a soothing, wonderfully scented, rich lotion that protects the skin from free radicals while giving it a silky texture.

A good routine is essential to achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin. Use sunscreen, moisturize, and exfoliate once a week to keep skin radiant and healthy. Pay attention to your skin, and be sure to use products that help your skin be in its best condition. Click Here to Check Out Epicuren.


I will check that out!

alana @ 2011-05-28 8:56am

I like Sexy Confidence tanning lotion from Peau D’Or .

Mayanka @ 2011-05-20 1:01am

My grandpa died of melanoma, and since then, my family has been crazy about sunscreen. Epicuren X-Treme Cream SPF 45 totally blocks the sun, and I don’t feel greasy after application.

Rachel @ 2010-04-23 3:05pm

Epicuren Orange Blossom After Bath Moisturizer smells so light and fresh, it’s not overpowering at all, like some other lotions. It’s super thick and it provides long lasting moisturization as well.

Olivia @ 2010-04-03 3:03pm

I will not leave my house without using Epicuren X-Treme Cream SPF 45: it’s a great product. It makes me untouchable by UV rays, and my skin is even protected from germs and gross things that can cause even more damage.

Brittany @ 2010-04-11 3:00pm

I’ve never tried a product like Epicuren Colostrum Cream Serum Moisturizer. I work in the maternity ward, so I know all about colostrum. I never considered how good it would be for skin, but it’s honestly the best moisturizer and protecter on the market.

Megan @ 2010-04-07 2:56pm

I’ve been using the Epicuren Orange Blossom After Bath Moisturizer for weeks now and have found that the cream is soothing and makes my face feel great! It protects me from the sun and gives me great looking skin.

Heather @ 2010-04-24 11:13am

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