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10 Guidelines for Beautiful Summer Hair

Summer weather is always hard on hair. There is a constant battle against UV damage, chlorine, beach hair, and humidity as well as many other factors. Even in the summer, celebs always seem to have lush locks of hair that make us jealous. Luckily, there a few guidelines that will help keep your hair beautiful ALL summer long!

#1- Chlorine… What To Do?!

When hanging out by the pool, you shouldn’t be afraid of chlorine damage, especially you blondies! As much as I love having green hair (ha ha… sarcasm) ,you can avoid any color damage “chlorine green” by shampooing your hair as soon as you exit the chlorine water. To revamp any dryness caused by the chlorine you can treat your hair with a deep conditioning mask or protein pack. My absolute favorite mask is Keratin Complex Vanilla Bean Deep Conditioner.This conditioner makes my hair super shiny!

#2- Leave The Straightener Behind!

Let your curls go! No need to straighten your hair when the humidity will ruin it as soon as you walk out the door. Keep your curls looking shiny by applying a small amount of hair gel straight onto your curls before any type of heat styling. This trick allows your curls to keep their shape and avoid strays from sticking out!

#3- Protect Your Color!

Everyone knows that protecting your natural or unnatural hair color is a year-round job. The summer months tend to make this job twice as hard because of the increased sun exposure. Keep your color in check by using a color protecting cream to seal each hair cuticle.

This results in a color that lasts much longer!

#4- Flat Is Out

Switch it up. Take the easy route out and use a little mousse to damp hair to air dry or any other styling. This will give you the necessary volume that will be just right for Summer 2011! To get the sexy, voluminous look of celebs, apply a large amount of mousse to your hair and work through with a wide tooth comb.

#5- Salt? Yes Please!

One of the best beachy looks you can achieve is the “oh so sexy tousled beach hair”. You can achieve the salty waves look by using an ocean salt spray or surf-styling creme. Try it! This is the ultimate laid-back beach look.

#6- Humidity Or No Humidity

Every girl knows that the heat and thick summer air results in a frizzy mess on top of your head. Giving your hair a weekly hair masque will lessen the frizziness and/or prevent it all together depending on your hair type! This masque treatment can be done year-round, humidity or no humidity, for better hair always.

#7- Who Needs Split Ends?

Vitamin D works wonders for us, but the overload of extra sunshine can call for drastic damage to our hair. When the sun dries out your hair there is a risk of drying ends and damaged hair follicles thus creating split ends. Avoid this altogether by applying a smoothing crème and detangling product prior to one of your fun days at the beach with long sun exposure.

#8- Get Your Shine On

No one likes to look in the mirror and see dull curls caused by sun overexposure. The good news is… you don’t have to miss out on the non-stop summer rays to prevent this. After styling your hair, apply a shine mist to your hair to create an eye catching shine that everyone will be jealous of!

#9- Don’t Forget To Moisturize

Our skin isn’t the only thing that deserves to be moisturized. The summer months call for less clothes and more sun which causes exposes our hair even more sun exposure. Purchase a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to use daily. In addition, try adding an additional SPF sun care product to reduce the risk of dry, brittle, damaged hair! I like to use Tela Organics Guardian SPF18 Sun Protection. This product has herbs and plant proteins that soothe and protect the scalp and hair while shielding against harmful UV rays and heat styling.

#10- Do Not Put Up With Oily Hair

Everyone faces an oily scalp from time to time and some people have a lot more issue with this than others. To avoid having the greased back, oily look, invest in a dry shampoo and let it become a part of your normal schedule. Dry shampoos are excellent for absorbing extra oil from the sebaceous glands on the scalp and will keep your roots dry and oil free.

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