Bioelements Facial Masks


Reintroduce damaged, dehydrated skin to power-packed nutrients using these incredible Bioelements facial masks. Each mask is formulated to correct facial concerns such as dehydration, clogged pores, overproduction of oil, fine lines and wrinkles. Using vitamin- and mineral-rich ingredients like oil-absorbing kaolin (clay) and hydrating algae, these masks slough away the dull layers of the skin to reveal fresh, revitalized skin that's smooth, bright and radiant.
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Choosing the right Bioelements mask product can be challenging. The Bioelements Ultra-Rich CremeTherapy is the perfect dry skin mask for people suffering from symptoms associated with dehydration, while the Bioelements Amino Mask uses 5 percent sulfur to treat acne and occasional breakouts. Many Bioelements masks are appropriate for all skin types, including the powerful Bioelements Gel Therapy, and won't cause redness, puffiness or irritation, even if you suffer from sensitive skin.


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Bioelements Skin Care