Terme di Saturnia Sebum Normalizing Mudmask 1.7oz

Terme di Saturnia Sebum Normalizing Mudmask 1.7oz

Item#: termedisaturnia_mudmask

Terme Di Saturnia Sebum Normalizing Mudmask 1.7oz

Product Description

Signature mask that captures the story of Saturnia.¾ The mud mask stops the proliferation of microorganism wiht a storng purifying and anti-bacterial activity which reactivates the good functioning of the sebaceous glands, rebalancing skin pH. This deep-cleansing facial mask uses the therapeutic fango of Saturnia to effectively remove surface impurities, refine skin texture and tighten dilated pores.

After cleansing, apply a thick layer of product on face, neck and decollete avoiding eye and lip contour area.¾ Leave for 10 minutes, remove with a wet sponge and rinse off.

  • Oily and acne-prone skin; twice a week.
  • Combination skins: weekly on localized treatement areas i.e. T zone
  • Normal / dry skins: apply once a week or a month, adding Spa Tonic. Do not leave to dry.
Suitable for all skin types.
Active ingredients:
  • BIOGLEA: moisturizing, balancing and exfoliating
  • ZINCIDONE: combines the decongesting effects of zinc with hydrating picolic acid (PCA). Helps to inhibit the action of the oil-loving 5 alpha reductase enzyme.
  • SPA MUD: purifying, toning, exfoliating and oil-balancing benefits.
  • LAMINARIA ALGAE EXTRACT: a seaweed extract which is rich in minerals, trace elements and sugars.¾ Works to inhibit the production of oil-loving 5 alpha-reductase enzyme.
  • Double-duty beauty: cleanses and exfoliates.