Epicuren Massage Oils

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Emulate a spa-like experience at home with these inviting Epicuren massage products. Overflowing with calming, soothing, healing and restoring ingredients, Epicuren massage oil and body oil helps to relax the skin and mind without causing irritation or redness. These products are also packed with potent, natural additives that can actually aid in increasing circulation and soothing tired muscles and joints. Each oil is rich in vitamin- and nutrient-packed fruit oils and botanical extracts.

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Epicuren Massage Oils

Use Epicuren Herbal Liniment Rub Massage Oil to reduce inflammation and increase muscle circulation naturally. This delightful massage oil is formulated with sterilizing ingredients that won't overheat, so it's great for use in steam rooms. We also offer a full selection of Epicuren body oils, including Epicuren Unscented Body Oil and Epicuren Kukui Coconut Massage Oil & Body Oil. Epicuren Discovery products ship free to the U.S. when you place your order with Skincare By Alana.