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The Dermalogica Clear Start series of products is designed to treat young, breakout-prone skin with natural botanicals as well as active ingredients.  Including eight products that work together to provide you with the best, clearest skin possible, regular use will yield real, observable results.
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Don’t you have enough to worry about?  Life is busy, and the last thing you want to think about is acne or another ill-timed breakout?  Clear Start by Dermalogica aims to take this concern off your plate!  Rooted in Dermalogica’s platinum skin care legacy, this line of products is the first designed by Dermalogica specifically for youth acne.  


The Clear Start line doesn’t include harsh additives that will irritate and over-dry the skin like other products.  Other products often contain harsh cleansers that strip the skin and irritate it with artificial fragrances and colors, which ironically may lead to more acne.  Dermalogica’s Clean Start products does no such thing.  Including only the highest quality botanicals and clinically proven active ingredients, Clean Start will clear your skin while enriching its overall health.


Start by cleansing the skin with the Breakout Clearing Pore Control Scrub.  Then add in the All Over Toner and moisturize with the Clearing Daytime Treatment, which works to prevent your skin from breaking out.  If you have a breakout, use the Breakout Clearing Wash and Emergency Spot Fix to clear it up as quickly as possible.  And don’t forget to apply the Overnight Treatment before bed to protect your skin while you sleep.  Used together, the Clear Start products will reinvigorate your skin and inhibit breakouts and blemishes.  


Other products may be able to get rid of your acne, but not without the expense of skin health.  Dermalogica Clear Start aims to change the way you look at acne care by providing products that take care of your skin while also clearing it up. 


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