Matis Paris

An innovator in skin care for over 25 years, Matis Paris, offers high-end, performance-based, individualized treatments to respond to the needs of your skin. At Skin Care by Alana, our experienced and highly trained professional estheticians will assess your skin and offer a suggested response treatment and matis cosmetics that are perfect for you.

Provides solutions to patients real-world challenges with skin care and color cosmetics.


Matis Skin Care Products


Matis Paris has developed products in the response areas of: body, corrective, delicate, eye, men’s, oil, sun, time, vitality, whitening, and youth. With such focused products, you can be certain that your skin will be receiving the exact treatment it needs to flourish and blossom into its most glorious state of health!

Matis Facial Products

Matis Paris provides sophisticated formulas for optimal skin responses…every time. By following the advice of your skin care expert and using the outstanding skin care treatments from Matis Paris, you can expect remarkable improvement in your complexion and skin condition. Experience the elite treatments created by the seasoned French company that has been making women beautiful for over a quarter century…Matis Paris. Some of the most popular Matis skincare products include the matis deodorant and matis eye cream. Matis men products are also very sought after. For a good Matis Cream check out the Matis fundamental beautifying cream


Matis Beauty Products

Purchase Matis Face Products and matis cleanser products online anytime! The entire Matis Skincare skin care line is available over the web or by phone. Call one of our licensed, live estheticians to answer all of your questions or place an order. Skin Care by Alana, a matis beauty salon in Orange County, CA, is one of the largest retailers for Matis Paris. We are experienced skin care experts and sell products locally and nationwide. Free shipping on all orders to the United States! At Skin Care by Alana, the health and appearance of your skin is important to us, call us today!

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