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Vertere Testimonial

"...isntead of layering four different products every day, i just use Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 15... it's like a facelift in a jar - I love it!" -Maru R.

Vertere Testimonial

"When I began using Dramatic Transofrmation Cream, people commented my skin was glowing. It cleared up my uneven skin tone, took care of any little breakouts and helped make the few wrinkles I have disappear; all while smelling great and feeling good on my skin!"" -Anne K.

"I have been wearing no makeup to work, and my pores and skin texture look so much better! I feel confident to wear no makeup and have been getting a ton of compliments!" - Lisa Zimmitti E! Entertainment Makeup Dept. Head, The Daily 10 Show

"Dramatic Transformation Cream not only moisturized the model's skin but gave the skin a refined texture. The model's skin felt silky and smooth with only a little bit of the cream." -Janice Kinjo Celebrity makeup artist with clients including L.L. Cool J, John Legend, Essence Magazine and Keyshia Cole