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Make yourself at home no matter where you are with a Tokyo Milk Travel Candle!  Each candle makes even the most remote destinations instantly familiar with a delectable scent reminiscent of home.  Each ultra-fragrant travel candle uses soy wax, burning evenly from the second you light it until the moment the wax is gone.

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Toyko Milk 


For only $12, you can create a zen-like environment wherever you are.  Light on up before taking a bath soak.  Breathe the luxurious aromas in while treating yourself to an at-home spa treatment.  Or let it flicker in your hotel room when you’re on a business trip.  It will remind you of home and help you forget about the stale decor of the standard room.


Each Tokyo Milk Travel Candle features an intoxicating aroma that blends undertones and overtones of naturally aromatic ingredients.  Whether you want to enjoy a fruity, reviving scent or a relaxing, earthy aroma, you’ll have no trouble finding a Travel Candle that tickles your fancy.


For example, Poe’s Tobacco No. 1 Travel Candle is a deep, nostalgic blend of tobacco, tea leaves, amberwood, and apple, providing an organic, rich scent that will relax away the tension.  


On the opposite end of the spectrum is the Sugar Sugar No. 52 Travel Candle, a reviving blend of coconut milk, vanilla absolute, sandalwood, and basmati rice.  This candle will awaken the senses and invigorate the mind.  


The Tokyo Milk Travel Candle comes in 21 different aromatic blends, so you’ll have no trouble finding one that hits your nose and stimulates your senses in just the right way.  Perfectly compact, they’re great for adding to your cosmetics bag to create a relaxing environment when doing your makeup away from home.  Or they’re wonderful to keep by your bath so you can enhance your at-home bathing experience.