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Tokyo Milk Cosmetic Bags represent the pinnacle of beauty and functionality.  Each bag features a beautifully unique design rich in color and depth.  Whether you’re looking for a bright, flowery cosmetics bag or a dark, brooding option, there is guaranteed to be a Tokyo Milk Cosmetics bag that suites your fancy.

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Toyko Milk


Each Tokyo Milk Cosmetics Bag includes a paper butterfly tag coated with glitter.  Perched on the edge of the bag ready to take flight, each butterfly so pretty you’ll want to wear it rather than throw it away.


The Tokyo Milk Dead Sexy Cosmetic Bag features a pink floral arrangement or roses and green leaves contrasted by the dark, realistic image of a skull and crossbones.  Representing both the light and the darkness contained in each one of us, this bag opens us to the delightful world of curiosities.  The tag is a white moth, both beautiful and mysterious.


The Summer of Love Cosmetic Tote portrays a turn-of the century woman in her bathing suit holding two oversized flowers.  Her pink bathing suit is complemented by blue undertones and simple flowers.  The same curious moth as the Dead Sexy tote is perched on the corner.


The Bee Blossom tote displays a beautiful pink rose over a pale yellow background.  Unsurprisingly, four realistic bees hover around the rose, attracted to both its beauty and pollen.  This tote features a beautiful orange moth as its tag.


The Oceanic Dream Tote displays a world of fantasy, with a giant squid reaching its tentacle-like arms into the vanilla sky.  This tote features a bold blue and black moth as its tag.


The Marie Cherie Tote displays a woman of a bygone era.  And the Skinny Dip features an Asian-inspired display of a man ready to take a dive into the water.  Both feature an orange butterfly tag.


Each Tokyo Milk Cosmetic Tote is conveniently sized to hold your makeup with style!