YoungBlood Eyebrow Brush

YoungBlood Eyebrow Brush

Item#: YB_17010
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Perfect for shaping eyebrows and filling them in for perfect arches, the Youngblood Eyebrow Brush is a versatile tool that allows you to maximize your brow makeup.

Product Description

Product Description

Do you love Youngblood pressed powder?  Maybe you’ve enjoyed the Youngblood Brow Wax?  If you haven’t used the amazing line of Youngblood makeup with the right tools, then you haven’t experienced the luxury of Youngblood yet.  

The Youngblood Eyebrow Brush is the perfect way to get full, gorgeous eyebrow with the exact shape you desired.  Use the brush to create a high arch or a more natural brow.  Perfect for shaping the eyebrow and filling in thin areas, the Youngblood Eyebrow Brush gives you full, gorgeous lashes.

The angled head contains sable hair and glides on smooth while also able to draw thin, precise lines or fill in large gaps.  Its versatility also gives it the ability to apply color from the Youngblood Eye Liner Pencil for a soft, subtle look.

Use the Youngblood Eyebrow Brush to lightly shade color into your brows.  Then set the look with Youngblood Brow Wax, available on its own or in the Youngblood Brow Artiste kit. 

Recommended Skin Types

  • Youngblood Eyebrow Brush is recommended for all skin types.


  • Precise application allows for a perfectly shaped brow
  • Fills in brows for a full, natural look
  • May be used to apply eyeliner and achieve a soft look on the eyes
  • Can draw thin, fine lines or fill in the brow for a thick look
  • Angled head for easy application
  • Won’t catch or smudge
  • Sable hair allows for quality makeup application

How to Apply

Use the Youngblood Eyebrow brush to gently apply brow makeup, shaping and filling the brow for a full, natural look.  Can be used to shape the brows, fill in thin areas, or to apply Youngblood Eye Liner pencils for a subtly gorgeous look.


The ingredients for the Youngblood Eyebrow Brush are unavailable.  The bristles are made of sable hair.

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