Young Nails Can't Help But Smirk

Young Nails Can't Help But Smirk

Item#: young_nails_can't_help_but_smirk

Chip-Free. Drama-Free. Relentless Polish.

Product Description

Product Information:

  • Caption polish is formulated with LacQ3, a next generation multi-patented proprietary technology that delivers a flawless air cured gel-like manicure with unrivaled shine, superior durability and instant hassle-free removal. LacQ3 technology combines an innovative triple layer fusion of dual polymer technology, volcanic glass, shellac and plant-derived plasticizers to create an advanced nail care system that is as durable as gel, dries three times faster to a touch-dry finish without a UV or LED light and fortifies brittle nails over time. Ultra pigmented manicures stay chip free 2-3Xs longer (up to nine days) while nails grow stronger and healthier.


  • Intensely pigmented shades of color
  • Superior coverage
  • Easy application
  • Self-leveling
  • Durability of gel, stays chip-free for 2-3Xs longer than average polish
  • Round tip brush with 320 strands, follows curve of nails 
  • Dries 3Xs faster than average polish
  • Volca

How to Use:

  • Apply a thin coat of Caption Polish over a nail prepped with Caption Base. 
  • Start at the cuticle and work towards the free edge. 
  • Clean any smudges on the skin or cuticles as you go with an orangewood stick damp with polish remover. 
  • Dry for one minute. Repeat for desired coverage.
  • For best results use with Caption Nail Care Products. Prep nail with Caption Base Coat & seal in shine with Caption Top Coat.