Terme Di Saturnia Spa Lifting Mask 1.7oz

Terme Di Saturnia Spa Lifting Mask 1.7oz

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Terme Di Saturnia Spa Lifting Mask 1.7oz

Product Description


Works to deep cleanse, while yielding an age correcting effect. Perfect maintenance between facials
or pick-me-up before special occasion. Thick, creamy and cocooning texture.


Apply once or twice a week after cleansing & toning the skin. Leave for 10 mins and tissue off any


All skin types seeking a facial contouring effect.

« BIOGLEAÈ : moisturizing, balancing and exfoliating,
« GATULINE EXPRESSION: using extract from Acmella Olearcea plant (sometimes
referred to as Toothache plant for its ability to numb signs of dental pain). Extracts from
this plant claim to have muscle-relaxing properties so help inhibit the appearance of fine
lines and wrinkles.
« HYALURONIC ACID: flood wrinkle grooves with moisture for immediate skin-plumping
« VITAMINS A & E: regenerating and antioxidant effects.
« GAMMA-ORYZANOL: an extract derived from rice bran oil, which helps promote
blood circulation,
« KAOLIN WHITE CLAY: excellent cleansing and purifying properties.

« Immediate skin smoothing effect,
« Perfect pick-me-up for tired and stressed skin,
« Excellent in conjunction with Spa Lifting Serum and Spa Lifting Cream,
« Purifies and proects.

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