Terme Di Saturnia Orotherm Mask 1.7oz

Terme Di Saturnia Orotherm Mask 1.7oz

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Terme Di Saturnia Orotherm Mask 1.7oz

Product Description

A weekly regenerating treatment to revitalize tired, stressed and mature skin types. Light, creamy

Apply after cleansing & toning the skin. Leave for 10 minutes and remove excess with tissue.
Follow with serum & cream from the OROTHERM collection.

All types of tired and stressed skin seeking a powerful replenishing action.

« BIOGLEA È: exclusive exfoliating, moisturizing and balancing active,
« GOLD PARTICLES: work to regenerate and revitalize the skin, promoting elasticity and
skin tone.
« RESVERATROL: is the newest wonder ingredient in skincare as ?the molecules of youth.?
Found naturally in some plant extracts, reservatrol activates proteins called â sirtuins ? that
help to lengthen the life cycle of skin cells and put the aging process on stand-by. Additionally,
Resveratrol helps to shield against damage to collagen and elastin production.
« ALLANTOIN: calming, soothing and protective properties.
« PENTAVITINÂ: a complex of carbohydrates which are similar to those found naturally
in the skin. Exceptional moisture-controlling properties to shield and protect the skin.

« Buzz-worthy ingredients: resveratrol and gold,
« Perfect pick-me-up for busy lifestyles,
« Excellent maintenance between professional facials.

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