Supersmile Ripple Edge Tongue Cleaner (3 pack)

Supersmile Ripple Edge Tongue Cleaner (3 pack)

Item#: supersmile_ripple_edge_tongue_cleaner

Ripple edge Tongue Cleaner eliminates the harmful bacteria and plaque that are the cause of over 85% of bad breath.

Product Description

Product Information:

  • Eliminates the bacteria that cause bad breath and gum line cavities
  • Aids in the prevention of gum disease

How to Use:

  • Pinch both ends of the tongue cleaner, with the ripple side down
  • Bend the Tongue Cleaner into a "U" shape
  • Gently sweep from back to front, and then rinse the tongue cleaner
  • Rinse with water
  • Replace tongue cleaner every three months

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