Supersmile Professional Activating Rods (5 pack)

Supersmile Professional Activating Rods (5 pack)

Item#: supersmile_professional_activating_rods_5_pack

Supersmile Professional Activating Rods contains activating serum that gently and safely prepares the tooth enamel’s surface to jump-start the whitening process.

Product Description


  • Rods simulate the first step in the Smigel technique for in-office whitening. 
  • Jump-starts and maximizes whitening process
  • Activating serum gently and safely prepares tooth enamel

Free of silica, parabens, sulfates, known allergens, animal by-products and BPA. It's also Kosher.

How To Use

Prime teeth and jump-start whitening process.

  1. Snap blue top off at the black line. 
  2. Place the bottom plastic end of swab inside the tube and gently push black line down, allowing serum to be absorbed by swab. 
  3. Using the swab, rub serum across all of your teeth. Leave serum on for 30 seconds. Do not rinse. 
  4. Follow by brushing with the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and Accelerator as directed. 
  5. Rinse.

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