Suntegrity Lip C.P.R.

Suntegrity Lip C.P.R.

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Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. protects lips from the harsh UV rays of the sun and provides moisture, reviving dry chapped and sun damaged lips while at the same time giving them spectacular color in a rich, creamy lipstick.

Product Description

Product Description

The slim stick makes it easy to handle and extremely portable. Suntegrity contains lipids that repair damaged, dry lips and konjac root that plumps wrinkles for full, pouty lips. The addition of zinc oxide provides 30 SPF without needing to add chemicals to create an effective sunscreen. The fashion forward colors are accented with a frost finish that sparkles and captures attention.

Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. is formulated with pigments that contain no dye. Color stays where you put it, it doesn't bleed or feather out but creates a nice, crisp line. The addition of stevia creates a pleasing taste for those lip licking moments and soft kisses. Shea butter, cocoa butter and organic jojoba oil provide intensive moisturizers to keep lips soft, smooth and hydrated for luscious, kissable lips.

Suntegrity Lip C.P.R. comes in eight classic colors, providing a shade for every skin tone and occasion. The colors range from soft pinks to deep browns and include: Sunset Coral- an energetic reddish orange, Fushia Flare- a vibrant pink, Sunny Blush- a soft natural pink, Sunrise Peach- a peach with gold and rose tones, Solar Rose- an earthy dusty rose, Sunburst Pink- a sultry, smokey pink, Plum Eclipse- a rich brown with a hint of plum, Sable Shade- a creamy natural brown.

Recommended Skin Types

Suntegrity Lip gently formulated for every skin type to protect and moisturize even the most sensitive lips.

Main Benefits

  • SPF 30 sunscreen protection
  • Eight fashionable colors
  • Rich and creamy
  • Chemical free sunscreen
  • Healing lipids
  • Konjac root plumps lips
  • Stay put color

How to Use

Apply to lips using a brush or directly from the tube, exposing enough product to cover lips with scraping them. Use as often as needed to sooth lips and keep them protected from UV rays.

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