RA For Men Shave Gel

RA For Men Shave Gel

Item#: raformenshavegel-4oz

Aloe & Glycerin Balm

Product Description

Product Description

The shave experience should not only provide a smooth, close shave, but restore and replenish skin.  RA for Men Shave Gel does just that and more - a natural foaming, aloe vera and glycerin-based balm that adds extra antioxidants to skin as well as all-important moisture. 

  • Boosts razor slip 
  • Provides essential skin nutrition and hydration
  • Leaves skin smooth and moisturized
In addition, Shave Gel helps to lift whiskers and protect skin from razor burn, providing a friction-free shave without using skin-irritating chemicals.

Nothing beats a perfect shave. The feeling of smooth, evenly groomed facial hair without any razor burn makes for the ultimate manscaping session. So, whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect shave for your hubby or you’re looking for it yourself, the RA for Men REDMethod Shave Gel is a great starting point. 

This Shave Gel, when rubbed in hands, creates a naturally foaming texture. This helps the product to be fairly distributed across the face. Win-win for a smooth shave. 

What’s more, it includes some of the top skincare ingredients to promote a healthy complexion. The first is Aloe Vera which is known to be intrinsically hydrating and healing to the skin. The second is Glycerin balm which can help quell irritations on the skin. 

These two ingredients work in tandem to not only give you a close shave, but reveal skin that’s soft and fresh. 

So, if you want to step up your shave game or know that your partner can benefit from stepping theirs up, this shave gel by REDmethod is the way to go. Plus, it starts at $16, which for a luxurious product isn’t so bad.

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