Supersmile Powdered Whitening Oral Rinse (24 Pack)

Supersmile Powdered Whitening Oral Rinse (24 Pack)

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Powedered Whitening Oral Rinse (24 Pack)

Product Description

  • Single dose packets

  • Whitens, freshens and protects on-the-go.

Our Powdered Whitening Rinse with Calprox® safely removes stains, freshens breath, and eliminates bacteria, plaque, and gingivitis.

  • Whitens: Calprox®, our proprietary ingredient maintains and enhances the vibrancy of professionally bleached teeth and removes coffee, tea, tobacco, red wine and other stains without harsh abrasives or the risk of sensitivity. Restores bonding, caps, veneers and dentures to their original whiteness.
  • Freshens: Sodium Bicarbonate provides long-lasting germicidal protection for fresh breath.
  • Protects: The combination of Calprox® and Sodium Bicarbonate protects against plaque, bacteria and gingivitis.