Mio Feel Good Four Set

Mio Feel Good Four Set

Item#: mio_feel_good_four_set

Mio Feel Good Four Set is the perfect support squad for smoother, fresher-looking skin.

Product Description

Product Description

This kit includes the mio essentials you need to feel great from top to toe. This complete full-body routine exfoliates, hydrates and nourishes your skin with powerful plant-based actives and our unique Feel-Good Complex to help you look and feel your very best all day, every day.


Future Proof Body Butter (50ml):

  • Nourishes, protects and deeply moisturises your skin.
  • Charged with our new Antioxidant Complex to help protect your skin's natural barrier.
  • 95% agreed the product left skin feeling instantly nourished and protected from dryness.*
  • Lactic Acid gently encourages surface skin cell renewal for brighter skin. 

Get Waisted Stomach Firming Serum (50ml):

  • Leaves your tummy area feeling stronger and more elastic.
  • Powered with our Smooth Booster Complex to help firm your skin.
  • 87% agreed the product left my skin looking and feeling smoother.**

Boob Tube Bust Cream (50ml):

  • Hydrates, firms and tightens for a radiant-looking chest.
  • Formulated with our Smooth Booster Complex to smooth, tone and help protect your skin.
  • 83% agreed skin felt more elastic and appeared glowing and brighter.***
  • Formulated with our Smooth Booster Complex, a powerful blend of plant-based proteins and vitamins including Niacinamide to help smooth, firm and protect. 

mio Dry Body Brush:

  • Helps to remove dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling smooth, soft and invigorated. 
  • Encourages the exfoliation of the skin’s surface to help reveal bright, fresher-looking skin.
  • Made from 100% vegan materials; PP fibre bristles and an FSC certified wooden base.