Iluminage Touch

Iluminage Touch 4Ever Home Permanent Hair Removal IPL & Radio Frequency Device (FDA-Cleared) - Unlimited Pulses

Item#: me_smooth_HU-FG00501US
Effortlessly reduce unwanted body hair and see permanent results in as little as 7 weeks with the Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction system! The Iluminage Touch has built-in Elos dual wave technology that combines intense pulsed light with Radio Frequency energy.

This FDA-cleared technology will safely and painlessly reduce hair growth giving you the permanent results that you love to see!

Product Description

The Iluminage Touch At Home Permanent Hair Reduction System is an FDA-cleared device researched and developed by scientists. This dual light energy system is clinically proven to reduce unwanted body and facial hair permanently. Additionally, it's an effective permanent hair removal system for all skin tones and hair colors, including black, brown, red, blonde, and white hairs.

The patented ELOS technology, used by dermatologists around the world, is now brought to you in this at-home hair reduction system by combining dual light-focused technologies: Intense Pulsed Light and Radio Frequency.

The Touch applicator flashes 0.9 seconds on the low setting to 1.9 seconds on the highest setting. The Touch Permanent Hair Reduction System is safe and easy to use on even the most sensitive areas like the armpit and the upper lip.

The patented Dual-Wave ELOS technology travels down the hair shaft to the hair follicle to permanently reduce and remove unwanted hair. After just seven weeks of treatment, 94% of hair growth and appearance will be greatly reduced.

To have the most effective results while using the Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device, it's best to shave or wax before using the system at home.

Iluminage Touch Benefits

  • Easy to use at-home system and lightweight applicator
  • Contains the only FDA cleared technology & CE certification
  • Up to 94% hair reduction in 7 weeks and 46% of all hair removed after just two treatments
  • Features unlimited flashes that enable you to have a near lifetime hair removal device
  • Safe and effective for all skin tones.
  • It is clinically proven to be effective on the widest range of hair colors

How to Use Iluminage Touch At Home Permanent Hair Reduction System (FDA-Cleared) - All Skin Tones


Shave, wax, or epilate the area that you’d like to treat immediately before treatment. Wipe clean and dry the area to ensure the light technology focuses on the hair follicles beneath the surface for optimal efficacy.

Turn on

Power on the Iluminage Touch system before selecting your ELOS energy level. We recommend always starting on the lowest setting and moving up to a level that feels comfortable to use. Press the ELOS activation button on the back of the applicator to begin.


Gently place the applicator onto your skin, making sure that the 2 silver bars remain in constant contact with the skin. Glide the applicator over the skin in a continuous motion moving after each flash. Repeat until you have covered the entire area 2 to 3 times.

Turn off

Turn the device off and carefully clean the cartridge head between treatments. Place into the cradle and store in a safe place.


You should shave dark hair before using the Touch for faster and longer-lasting results.

Frequently asked Questions

Does Iluminage Touch work for hair reduction?

Yes, it does. You'll see 94% hair reduction in as little as seven weeks.

Does Iluminage Touch work on white hair?

Yes, this system works on white hair and even dark blonde, blonde, and red hair.

Does the Intense Pulsed Light technology work for hair removal?

After multiple treatments, the patented dual wave technology is clinically proven to provide up to 94% hair reduction in 7 weeks and 46% of all hair removed after just two treatments.

Is the Iluminage Touch At Home Permanent Hair Reduction System gentle enough for facial hair?

Yes, it is. This hair reduction system is gentle enough for the upper lip, armpits, and bikini line!

Can this hair reduction system be used on darker skin tones?

Absolutely! The Iluminage Touch is effective on any skin tone!