Lollia Shower Gel Set

Lollia Shower Gel Set

Item#: lollia-shower-gel-set

The Lollia Shower Gel set includes the complete collection of Lollia's cleansing, purifying, nourishing, moisturizing, and rejuvenating shower gels.

Product Description

Product Description

Get all of the cleansing, purifying, nourishing, and moisturizing Lollia shower gels at once with the Lollia Shower Gel Set!

The Lollia Shower Gel Set Includes:

  • Dream Perfumed Shower Gel
  • In Love Perfumed Shower Gel
  • Breathe Perfumed Shower Gel
  • Wish Perfumed Shower Gel
  • This Moment Perfumed Shower Gel
  • Relax Perfumed Shower Gel

Recommended Skin Types

The Lollia Shower Gel Set is recommended for all skin types, tones, and conditions.  Each shower gel is most beneficial for dry, dehydrated skin and devitalized skin in need of a moisture and nutrient boost. 


  • Each gel features on of the Lollia signature scents for a wonderful sensory experience
  • Shea butter infuses the skin with moisture, locking it in by improving the skin’s natural moisture barriers
  • Conditions the skin for a smoother, softer surface
  • Purifies the skin for a fresh, radiant complexion
  • Honey provides antioxidant protection while soothing and healing damaged skin
  • Jojoba oil further moisturizes the skin while improving the skin’s appearance
  • Six amazing shower gels at one low price

How to Apply

First, pick which one of the six shower gels you’d like to use this time.  Then gently massage a modest amount into the damp surface of the skin using your hands, a poof, loofah, or cleansing sponge.  Continue for 1-2 minutes until a rich lather forms on the skin’s surface.  Rinse clean, towel dry, and apply a body moisturizer.  For best results, use daily.

  • Tip - Keep a few of the shower gels in the Lollia Shower Gel Set in your guest room.  They look beautiful, and your guests will love them.


Each of the gels in the Lollia Shower Gel Set uses botanical extracts that work together to create a signature Lollia fragrance.  Please see the individual products in the Lollia Shower Gel Set for their unique ingredients.

*scents of this set are subject to change and may/may not match the image provided 

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