L.A. Christine No. 2 Berry Face Exfoliant 1oz

L.A. Christine No. 2 Berry Face Exfoliant 1oz

Item#: la_christine_no_2_berry_face_exfoliant

L.A. Christine No. 2 Berry Face Exfoliant is a strong cleanser that comes in a powder form, which is used to exfoliate the areas of the face and neck.

Product Description

Product Description

This remarkable exfoliant gently removes impurities and dead or rough skin from the surface of the skin. It works to clean deeply, while polishing the surface of the skin and leaving it refreshed, smooth and looking radiant. The powder contains powerful crystals extracted from rare Lingonberries and a variety of natural minerals in addition to other plant oil extracts, which create a pleasing youthful appearance.

Recommended for all types of skin.


The No. 2 Berry Face Exfoliant contains amazing antioxidants that can protect skin from free radicals, improve the looks and general health of the skin, while reducing aging signs. Antioxidant benefits for skin care may include:

· Sun damage repair. Trying to protect skin from sun damage may be difficult. Consequently, many of us suffer from dry, damaged skin as a result. Antioxidants can stimulate the flow of blood to the skin, which helps to encourage cell growth , while improving the looks of the skin.

· Reducing wrinkles. Although, you can't get rid of most wrinkles entirely, antioxidants found in skin products can actually plump up skin, while improving the appearance so tiny lines and small wrinkles may be reduced and are less visible.

· Skin firming properties. Antioxidants can firm the skin naturally. They may help in reversing aging effects to improve and rejuvenate skin health.

· Anti-inflammation. Antioxidants contain anti-inflammation properties that calm inflammation. They increase cell metabolism and circulation, which promotes even skin tones, while reducing wrinkles and acne.


· Contains no pesticides.

· No testing on animals.

· Leaves no greasy residue.

· Paraben free.

· Anti-aging complex.

How to Use

Use No. 2 Berry Face Exfoliant once or twice a week as needed. Dampen the area of the neck and face with a soft cloth and water. Place three scoops of the exfoliant into your hand and apply to the skin. Gently message into the skin using your fingers in a circular motion. Apply to all areas that need a deep cleanse and exfoliating. Avoid using the exfoliant too close to the eyes. Rinse off with warm water and dry with a soft towel. Finish by applying No. 3 Berry Face Oil to moisturize the skin.