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Kate Bosworth

You know when you look at someone and you can tell, without meeting them, you just say to yourself, “yup. She’s the hot girl”. No doubt about it- Kate Bosworth is the hot girl. In case you don’t recognize the name (or the picture), this blonde beauty plays the surfing local maid in Blue Cush, Lois Lane in Superman Returns, and the sexy blackjack pro in 21. Kate has obviously come a long way from being cast as “student in background” in 7th Heaven (seriously, that was her name). She’s known for her slender frame, her trend-setting style, and her nearly flawless skin. In January of 2011, Kate was featured on the cover of Lucky magazine, and talked about her skincare secrets. One of them was Epicuren. “The X-treme Cream SPF45 is the best,” she raved. Lois Lane recommends it, do yourself a favor and check it out. And the rest of the Epicuren line while you’re at it!

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Epicuren Xtreme Cream SPF45

Epicuren X-Treme Cream SPF 45

- A natural sunscreen with ingredients based on propolis, Epicuren’s X-Treme Sunscreen SPF 45 will leave your skin smooth and protected

- Infused with Epicuren’s Pure Brazilian Propolis, this sunscreen is ideal for those who love to be outdoors and active

- A sunscreen that provides the best prevention and calming against the elements



Epicuren After Bath Lotion

Epicuren After Bath Moisturizer

- An all natural facial quality therapeutic aromatherapy moisturizer that provides a wonderful tropical aromatic, soothing and stimulating experience.

- This blend makes the perfect moisturizer for after shower and after bath

- Kukui, Coconut and Macadamia Nut oils are the foundation of this aromatherapy combination